Question Help! cant get my pixel 7 pro to work properly/update

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Hi. I have a pixel 7 pro ut ive also had pixel 6a in the past with the same issue. I've never got a phone to work right ever since the android 13 update for the 6 series. I use google fi.

I've replaced my phones a half dozen times and tried flashing/rooting, etc if it doesnt work but can never get it working properly,

The issue is this: the phone SEEMS to somehow revert to somehow having the boot partition being a ramdisk as well as the init_boot. if i look at the bootloader variables, the active slot that booted says its succesful; fastboot ok; but the retry count is 2 whereas the other slot says not successful, retry count 3,; fastboot ok;

if i set the other slot as active and try to boot to the system it will show the google logo (the one with the word google), then bootloop 3 times until it boots the other slot and then the booloader says the other slot is unbootable. also, system updated arent working properly, even the google play ones.

when it boots, where it shoes the network im connected to it will quickly flash from no sim card to no network to google fi.

also sometimes google sees my phone as 2 different devices. one is signed in as an android device and the other as "chrome webview"

also many of the system apps dont show properly when listing all the apps and it lists all the overlays as 0 bytes and shows "carrier settings" twice

also, the dialer, when doing *#*#4636#*#* will list two "phones" and one is on lte network google fi and the other is iwlan google fi and one says the "sub id" is 1, while the other shows as -1.

Anyone have any clue as to the issue? or how to fix it. As i said this has happenned on 3 different pixel 6a's and 3 different pixel 7 pro's