[Help] Finally fixed IMEI, how MAC address?

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Jan 22, 2023
Hello guys after formatting everything with SP Tools, i was desperated but finally managed to fix the second IMEI on a redmi 9 Lancelot. I used Maui Meta 10, the latest version , because its the only one workng for my phone, i am on an engineering Rom , and was finally able to fix the second IMEI

Now the problem is that i still have an invalid Mac Address starting with 0 , and in engineering rom i still see the error "nvram error =0x10", i believe because of invalid MAC

I can fix this error and the mac address by flashing a Nvram.bin and Nvdata.cfg , but since they contains 2 IMEI, the SIM signal will not work, because first IMEI should be Null.

If i flash NVram and then ii open Maui Meta, and i try to write 00000000000 on the first imei, it still doesnt work, because thats is a number even if is 0, to work it should be Blank, but if delete first IMEI leaving it blank, it will not write anything, and will remain the IMEI from the other Nvram.bin
That means if i write the second imei on erased nvdata and nvram partitions, i will have SIM signal, but not the Mac Address, and if try to flash Nvram from other devices, i will have valid MAC and no errors, but i cant use the sim card because the first IMEI is not blank.

I dont know what to do, i heard you can fix the MAC address after flashing the stock rom too, rooting the phone. Is that true? And will this fix the RAM ERROR = 0x10 too?
Do i have to write the barcode too to be able to use google account again? Or its just impossible? Thank youu


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Feb 17, 2016
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