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Nov 12, 2007
Does anyone know if it is still possible to find true silicone cases? Most of those sold as "silicone gel" or whatever are actually TPU.
Silicone is mate, non slippery and bouncy ... it is often used for cookware :)


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Nov 10, 2016
Google Pixel 3a
Ringke invisible defender id glass crash tested yesterday. Phone fell of the table protector glass got 3 cracks , hit point upper corner, phone is just fine.
Used in combination with a TPU case.


Mar 13, 2020
I ordered an iBetter case and 2 pack of this screen protectors before getting the phone and the other day and they are both fantastic products so far. The screen protector actually covered 99% of the front with very little exposed on each corner


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    here you go

    here is the one i ordered :-
    they also have a 2 pack for a buck less :-
    If you do drop your phone often and can't afford to buy another phone on the spot if it breaks I would suggest a more protective case. The one I recommend that isn't too big is the speck presidio grip case. also due to the rubber grips it is comfortable to hold like tpu cases. My phone dropped several feet onto the cement in a parking lot a few years back (my first and last major drop thank goodness), the case was scuffed up but my phone was safe so I always trusted them and bought one for each new upgrade. Amazon usually sells them cheaper than the official speck store. If you decide to stick with the clear tpu case just know your protection will be a gamble on drops, it's all what works best for you.
    Thank you!

    Was it difficult to get it aligned properly? I have never applied a dry screen protector.

    nopes. i just use masking tape to line it up first.
    then clean the screen , then remove the inner layer.
    Not worth $35 lol

    I got it free with the phone