Help for Samsung tablet T3 (GT-P5210)

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Oct 5, 2011
Been trying to flash a Samsung Tab3 (GT-P5210) with Lineage os 18.1. Was able to place the unit in system recovery mode and wiped out data/factory reset it was successful (formatting data, formatting cache and data wipo complete). the wipe out cache partition and was successful (formatting cache and cache wipe complete). Then applied update from external storage.
Use lineage and process start: finding update package, opening update package, verifying update package. Then got 3 errors: E:failed to verify whole-file signature twice and E;signature verification failed.
Appling Multi=CSC
Applied the CSC-code: XAR
Always install version 4.4.2 instead any other newer. 4.4.2 works fine but need a higher to run programs doesn't work on 4.4.2 anymore.
I'm trying to help a 3rd world country school student, he can't afford a new device.

What I'm doing wrong. Any Help will appreciate.


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Jul 30, 2013
Try the process again without wiping the system partition just wipe data and cache , then flash just the rom , with no GAPPS and see if it boots .

If it does , then reboot to recovery and flash the gapps with no wipe