[HELP] Honor 10 backup view without phone

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May 20, 2022
Hi guys changed phone cause my Honor 10 was broken sent back to amazon, I have a backup with all photos and videos (think I made with Hisuite but not sure was years ago) on a pendrive but when I try to open any jpg,mp4, anything it gives me an error, looks like files are encrypted (I think). What can I do? I have all my photos and videos on this pendrive but I can not view them, I tried to import on my Mac with Hisuite (connecting an old Honor 6x) but can't open files neither. I don't know what to do. Suggestions?:rolleyes:😞

ps: I don't think I used any kind of password, just regular backup

⚠️Found a solution by my self: You need Huawei phone. Connect the pendrive directly via USB adaptor to the Huawei phone,(in my case Honor 6x) and use the standard android backup app inside the phone to open the backup and extract files. Voilà. Hope can help anyone in the same situation I was. Cheers 😌🍻
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