[HELP] - Issue with Spoofing Samsung Galaxy A03s Device Informatio

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Mar 2, 2022

I have an issue with spoofing device information (e.g. manufacturer, device model, Android OS version, etc) on my Samsung Galaxy A03s device. This device was rooted via Magisk.

I tried to use the MagiskHide Props Conf Module (https://github.com/Magisk-Modules-Repo/MagiskHidePropsConf) to spoof the device info, the module can run smoothly without any issue, but after device rebooting, the spoofed device info didn't take effect, so all my device info are still kept remaining.

After I tried to use "Device Faker Plus" app (via Edxposed framework) to spoof these device info, my device info can be changed when I check via CPU-Z or DroidInfo or built-in device info feature as below pictures:






In the above picture, there is a strage point that the Model number value was changed when I check from built-in device info, other info are still kept remaining. But these info were displayed differently from view of CPU-Z and Droid Info tool.

But from my testing app (this is a native app designed to collect device info/fingerprint via integrated SDK), I found that the real information are not still changed, it means that my test app can record all the original device info such as: Manufacturer is Samsung, Model number is SM-A037F/DS, Android OS is 11 version.

Finally, I tried to use a tool "BuildProp Editor" to edit manually parameters of Manufacturer, Model number and Android OS version from these 02 files: (1) /system/build.prop and (2) /default.prop as below, the change is ok and the files can be saved, but after rebooting, there is no effect, all information are still kept remaining (although changed parameters are still kept in these files).



After that, I found that there are 2 other files still contains the original device information are: (1) /system/vendor/build.prop and (2) /product/build.prop , I can't use BuildProps Editor tool to change these paramters on this file (1) /system/vendor/build.prop, the file is not able to save after my change as below images:



With the file (2) /product/build.prop, I can use BuildProps Editor tool to change these parameters and save it successfully, but when reboot the device, I am in the trouble with "boot loop" issue (please refer to my attached video).

My questions:
1. Does anyone tell me what is different between these files: (1) /system/build.prop; (2) /default.prop; (3) /system/vendor/build.prop and (4) /product/build.prop ? and which file can be affected to changing device info ?
2. Can anyone use MagiskHide Props Conf module or any tool to spoof device info successfully on this device model - Samsung A03S ?
3. Does anyone know why MagiskHide Props Conf module or Device Faker Plus tool can't change my original device info ? what are the possible root causes here?

Thank you


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