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[Help] K2001N_NWD or K2001N_SPDZ ??

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New member
May 19, 2023
Hello everyone,
I'm new in here, greeting.

Recently, i just bought radio T3 K2001N 2/32GB Android 10 1280x720px 10", that i realized its fake android 10.
when i check in system setting : K2001N_SPDZ_S212P28.20221121.171955.H4Z8.01 , the hardware display : 10".
but when compare with CPUZ the model : k2001n-nwd(K2001N_SPDZ_S212P28) , the display : 6.97".

I want to ask:
  1. If i try to update the firmware, which one should I choose? k2001n-nwd OR k2001n_spdz ?
  2. Any suggestion where i can download for my radio firmware (the update OR default)?
I've try search in this forum, there are no post for k2001n_spdz.
There're several post for update firmware for k2001n_nwd but the resolution didn't match.

Please help,
Thank you in advance.


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