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[HELP] LG MS330 - [Authentication Fail #9] [MODIFIED]

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New member
Oct 27, 2021
Hello everyone, I hope you are very well.

A few days ago, a family brought me a phone to try to fix it, it is an LG MS330.

The phone turns on, shows the typical LG logo and after a few seconds it shows the message:

Security Error

[Authentication Fail # 9] [MODIFIED]

Which makes me think that someone installed an unofficial firmware on it and was what caused the problem. Everything normal up to here, the real problem happens when I try to flash the device through the download mode, where it shows me the following error:

Secure booting Error!
Error code : 1009

After a few seconds of throwing this error, the phone automatically shuts down and restarts.

The real problem is that it does not let me under any circumstances flash the firmware of the phone and I also cannot create the connection between the computer and the phone to be able to flash it.

I have tried various programs such as LG Flash Tool, LG UP, LG Mobile Support and have not been successful with any.

Could anyone help me please?

I really don't know what to do at this point anymore. Does the phone have salvation? Is there something that can be done?