Help. Locked after unsuccessful firmware without OEM Unlock

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Jan 28, 2018
Guys please help. Device Lg v405UA(30c 10android) without OEM Unlock In general, I messed up and now the phone is locked with a password Enabled usb debugging, made a full dump via emmcdl, did the same backup via QFIL (abl_a, abl_b, laf_a, laf_b and some more) I flashed it to the abl_a - v35eng.img section, immediately went to fastboot and found that the PC does not see the mobile (waiting for the device) I tried to sew back for the dumped Abl_a but qfil freezes, it is sewn up without problems ablpiestock.img But in total, when loading a mobile phone, what can be done to remove at least the lock or can frp somehow be flashed through the qfil partition manager? I just don't know what section it is. The device did not format, I hope debugging is still enabled there