Help me get boot.img for Sony Xperia Hello

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Jul 18, 2008
I would post this in the Sony subforum, but there is no section for Xperia Hello, so here I am...

Recently I got my hands on a Sony Xperia Hello, which is a weird robot which basically consists of an android phone with some peripherals bolted on top. It's running android 8.0. I managed to get the bootloader unlocked (with the Sony developer site), but I am now trying to get Magisk onto it and get root access. The reason I want root is because I would like to basically control the hardware parts of the robot through my own stuff - currently this is limited to a Sony app.

I've managed to download the stock firmware using XperiFirm and tried following this tutorial:
Problem is that tutorial mentions using boot-xxx.sin file, but there is no file with a similar file name anywhere. This is the list of files in the extracted FW:


I've also found a tutorial saying to unsin the kernel.sin file using flashtool and then rename the extracted elf file to boot.img. But if I try to then boot this (using fastboot boot) it just throws "remote: Dtb not found" error.

So, what am I doing wrong/missing?