Help me, please! SECURITY ALERT(CODE 2)

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Jan 3, 2019

My device is honor 9 lite (LLD-L21) android oreo sdk 26. I rooted my device and when i installed xposed framework and restarted ,it went into bootloop. How can i install xposed framework without getting into bootloop. please help me i need it :(

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    Automate does support several yes/no functions in its flowcharts.
    like i said earlier, i am noob to automate and just learning some of it.
    it is an alternative to tasker, and even supports taskers plugins, without
    the need of tasker being installed. Automate is free, tasker is not!

    If you are a tasker user, I would HIGHLY recommend that you at least download
    AUTOMATE from the playstore and check it out! I think it can do everything
    that tasker can do & like i said, even can use tasker plugins too.
    you can easily share your scripts with the community directly from
    within the app itself too - which is a major plus! :good:

    The updated future fight script works great! I can switch to another app & then back to game without any issues. It checks for running processes every 10 seconds to determine when game has been exited.
    so you need to wait about 10secs after exiting game before opening xposed installer or changing modules settings ( youll get an xposed error if you run xposed before the script restores the data folder's name). You could change the polling interval in the processes running block, but doing so could
    effect cpu usuage / possibly cause lag in games.

    But reguardless, the goal was to be able to run netmarble games without sacrificing xposed.
    You can manually rename the folder as in the earlier posts, or use one of the automate scripts,
    or create your own method/scripts using other apps. How you choose to do it is up to you.

    The main thing that I wanted to share with others is the fact that YES you can run netmarble games
    without having to uninstall xposed or have to reboot...

    Renaming the xposed installer's data folder before running game, then restoring the folders name
    after you quit the game is the best solution, since it can be done on-the-fly.

    The automate scripts are optional for those who do not feel comfortable using root file managers
    to do the renaming or having to create scripts of their own.
    I am lazy and like to just click on a single icon that does it all for me! LoL

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    I am looking into making a toggle on/off xposed generic script for automate & will upload it to automate community once it has been tested.

    In theory, you can have an icon on the desktop that can check if the original folder exists and rename it or vice-versa + pop up a toast message to let you know the current state. This could work as a generic universal xposed switch for netmarble games and an alternative to creating a launcher for each game. :cool:

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    Ok, the TOGGLE XPOSED script works & has been uploaded to automate community!

    It is titled "bypass Netmarble's XPOSED Security Alert Code 2" under GAMES category.

    Note: edit the flowchart, tap on the BEGINNING block, then tap on the
    INSTALL HOMESCREEN SHORTCUT button to add an icon to your desktop!

    Dont forget to click on the THANKS BUTTON:laugh:
    netmarble games xposed security alert 2 fix



    It is maintained & up to date!

    Original initial post:

    Hope this helps others. I have tried everything EXCEPT uninstalling xposed: rootcloak, xprivacy, xposed blacklist, lucky patcher, etc.

    I am running lollipop 5.01 with unofficial xposed v8x for samsung. Xposed installer is a system app, the modules are not.

    Using a file manager app with root, in the /data/data folder,
    simply rename the folder called
    ( i rename it to )
    Then launch the game, future fight. (Works fine for me)
    you do not have to reboot! Just rename the folder.

    When you are done with game and exit it, dont forget to rename
    the xposed installer folder in /data/data back to

    It would be nice if someone could make an app or xposed module that could
    simply toggle the renaming of the /data/data/ folder!

    I did not have to disable any modules or even reboot: simply renaming the folder above was all it took to get past the xposed security alert 2 error that prevents the game from running. Funny thing is, the xposed modules are running undetected, you just cant change module settings while the folder is renamed.

    My conclusion is that netmarble is somehow looking for specific folders/files as their way of detecting "anti-cheat" - which xposed is not!!!!

    Hope this helps others out who want to play, but uninstalling xposed is a deal breaker!
    ( if this solution worked for you, please click on the THANKS button of my post.):cool:


    It is maintained & up to date.
    Netmarble games , xposed security alert code 2 errors fix soultion

    I uploaded Seven Knights ( automate community ).

    Install "automate" from playstore. Download future fight or seven knights from automate communtity.
    be sure to enable the required permissions automate tells you it needs for the script!

    Then to play other netmarble games, just use either the future fight or seven knights as a template to create a new launcher.....

    In automate, edit the flowchart... long press on a block & select all, then copy the flowchart.

    Create a new flowchart and paste the copied blocks.
    Then you just need to edit a few blocks:

    1. In the flow beginning, change the title to your game. Also, click on the Install Homescreen Shortcut to
    Add a launcher icon on your desktop.
    2. In the Start App Main Activity block, change the package to your game, then change the activity class
    To your games .main.activity.
    3. In the When in Foreground App block, change the package to your game.

    Save by clicking Done. Then try out your shortcut on your desktop.

    This should work for ALL netmarbles games! ( at least until they change their xposed detection methods )

    Ive worked very hard and spent many hours coming up with this solution.
    please give thanks for my efforts if my posts have been helpful!

    I am glad that to be able to contribute something back to the community.
    we an application that has function like "root cloak" to hide xposed installer.