Help me Recover my files from no more booting Redmi 4 Prime. I will pay for success

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Feb 7, 2020
Hi there,

after a normal shutdown, my xiaomi redmi 4 prime is not booting anymore.
it is stuck on MI Logo. I can enter fastboot and download mode. Phone is NOT rooted and Bootloader seems to be locked, but fastboot flash recovery seems to work. But all my hope to get a twrp started failed until now. I REALLY need the files from that phone. If somebody can help me, i will pay you money if you SUCCESSFULLY help me recover the files.

Beside, adb mode does not more work, after trying to fastboot flash a twrp image. But in ADB Mode i was in sideload mode, where no commands like pull did work. Oh and i never turned od developer mode i think. I will not stop believing there must be some person on this planet who can rescue my data.

thanks for any help.


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Feb 24, 2020
I believe adb and developer mode are irrelevant since they work from within the system. One option is to make twrp recovery boot and copy files from it, but since you tried and failed you could try something else, but as last resort since I don't remember if it saved my data.
Since your bootloader is locked you cannot flash boot partition, but you can flash every other which cold fix your system. You should find EXACT same rom you had and extract partitions you want to flash (you have tutorials online, I don't remember, think you just extract them). If you try to flash complete rom with locked partition, process will fail.
fastboot flash system
fastboot flash recovery
fastboot flash data?!or whatever (or not data if your files are there)
Hope I gave you another perspective..