Question Help me! Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Call Recording not available

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David B.

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Mar 25, 2016
Nexus 6
Google Pixel 3 XL
I installed exposed (the one that does not requires root) but it did not work on S23/Android 12
Installing Xposed by itself, regardless of which variant it is and regardless of if it does or does not require root, does not do anything. You need to have an Xposed module that injects code changes to allow for recording. I am not aware of any right now. What I was saying earlier is, I am interested in writing one.

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    just seen this, i havent tested it im a little busy at the moment, but may worth giving it a whirl

    I use the ACR Phone app on my Samsung S22+. There are two versions, one on Google Play Store without recording feature and one downloadable from their website that does record both sides of a call. They recommend installing the Google Play Store version, then installing their custom apk on top.

    Explanation and instructions here:
    This is long thread I didn't read every post but thought I would throw this out there.. I run business and often want to refer back to phone calls.. constantly ran into Android issues with this or that so just gave up: I forward my cell phone number to my own phone systems that is a GrandStream and it records all calls... I have an app on my phone to make business calls using the device as well.. all call recorded perfectly and with all details. Never miss a beat no matter what nonsense Android/Governments or whatever want to throw out there. I'm also in a single party consent state so all those regulators can well, Truck Off.
    im just gonna try flashing a csc from a country that supports it and hope it doeenst interfere with my 5g not just yet though, but when i do, il post my results here
    On my previous phone, I was willing to pay for the True Phone version, but since the free version worked great, I didn't buy the app.
    Now I don't think the paid one will change anything with default version of Android and that's why I didn't buy it, but I can try maybe.
    ive tried it, it didnt work, records silence