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Mar 24, 2018
Since no one is replying to my post, I decided to rewrite this again.

  1. Displaying "Samsung Galaxy Win GT-I8550" during boot
  2. Most of the videos on YouTube (app) cannot be played
  3. YouTube (app) and video players (Video Player or MX Player) is limited up to 360p
  4. Crash when "Videos from the web" card is displaying on Chrome
Why do I care about these?
  1. After countless times of installing custom ROM, I decided to revert back everything to default.
    So, I installed I8552XXAMK1 on my phone with Odin3 and I found that my phone is displaying "Samsung Galaxy Win GT-I8550" when it is booting up.
    I do know that GT-I8552 is just GT-i8550 but with dual SIM.
    This problem might be the reason why my phone can't play any videos that are above 360p. (Problem 3.)
  2. Recently, my phone cannot play most of the videos on Youtube. Even the videos that I used to watch with my phone cannot be watch now.
    I uninstalled YouTube (uninstall updates) and I found that I can play the videos that I used to watch. But, after I installed latest version of YouTube, I cannot play them.
    I don't want to use old version of YouTube since I really like the UI of latest version of YouTube.
    So, I would love to know how to fix this problem without needing me to force myself to use old versions.
  3. I think this problem is related to Problem 1.
    My phone cannot play videos that are higher than 360p.
    On YouTube, I always need to watch them in 360p, which is pretty hard to me when I am watching educational videos that involves text. Well, this is fine since I can at least watch them.
    But, when I downloaded video that are above 360p (stored in phone), I cannot watch it at all. Unlike YouTube that allows me to change resolution, video players cannot.
    So, I installed MX Player and needed to enable SW decoder to watch 480p and above videos.
    Problem fixed? No, I want to watch videos on YouTube on 480p so it is easier for me to see things.
  4. I really hate this one. Every time I am using Google, it always crashes when "Videos from the web" cards shows up.
    Please help me fix this one because this is really disturbing me.

Please excuse my language since English is not my main language and I rarely ask for help online. You might noticed that my sentences are not really well-organised and really hard to read. I did my best to write this and I hope you reply to it.
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