[HELP] Mobile not rooted after flashing super su zip file

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Jul 4, 2022
I tried to root my samsung s8 (SM-G950F) by flashing the super su zip file. i installed twrp and everything. and when i flashed the zip file it said that it was flashed successfully but when i went to check if my phone was rooted or not, it said "root isnt properly insyalled on this device." is there some extra step that i'm missing? Here was my method.

1: Download latest twrp file for my device.

2: Flash the twrp file using Odin.

3: Flash force-dm-verity from twrp because it wasnt flashing the usual way.

4. Boot up my device and download the supersu.zip

5. flash the supersu.zip from twrp.

6. it flashes successfully.

after flashing it still says that my device isn't rooted. is there a mistake that i made or is there an extra step.