Help Need stock firmware KDZ/TOT of LG V60 (Japan Variant A001Lg)

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Oct 6, 2018
i we flash another version kdz then your mobile stuck on bootloop
becuase same model V60 diffrent carieer have diffrent partionfile edl pattren
if v60 A001lg andriod 11 kdz avaliable on website then we risk at this point there is no kdz file for softbank,,,
here is link for lg frimware you can serch here for your desired model

Saiful Aziz

Dec 17, 2015


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Jun 29, 2017
i am looking for the same file Japanese (Softbank) firmware or backup, anyone here can help me put?


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Dec 1, 2021
LG V60 ThinQ
Officially, Docomo 51a Softbank a001lg cannot get kdz.
And the a001lg officially supports Android 11. There is no Android 12.

Warning! Warning!
I hope you do it the last way. Few success stories.
It is up to you to use the method. Don't blame me if it goes wrong.
Please read the linked video and text 2-3 times before checking and proceed.

I don't know if it'll help, but go into EDL mode and back up with QFIL.
If possible, we recommend backing up all partitions in case of a possible error.
Please refer to the link below for the exact procedure.

for instructions on video.
You can refer to the link above for the overall method. However, unlike the global version, a001lg, 51a does not have some partitions. ex)About 5 pieces such as OP_a OP_b are insufficient.

The first time you cross-flush, LG UP will see an error related to the partition. I don't remember exactly, but I'm asking you to make a partition. At this point, press OK to proceed. Then you can create a partition on your own and proceed.

At first, it will fail like a picture.
Photo (1)
If you don't panic and start all over again, it will boot normally. But the USIM won't recognize it. Therefore, the original modem_a, modem_b are required. Put the modem in QFIL.

Serial and NT code errors will be solved by correcting ftm and inserting it into QFIL.

That's it. Good luck.


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