[HELP] New ZTE Nubia z7 MAX

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Oct 20, 2011
Quick answer is you'll most likely have to reflash your device (good starting point [THREAD="2961145"]here[/THREAD]).
I also have 9.29 ROM, and the answer is not in index, cause the first step IMO should be to install TWRP recovery. And The All in One Tool is described as only for android 5 and above
So, again - how can we move from that strange ROM to newer versions?

So, I'll aswer myself, in case there is another one with such old ROM.
Problem solved, found a way to upgrade to Lolipop. Thanks to user craagz, who wrote this tutorial (just erase spaces in http).
Next I have installed official 2.13 ROM (nubia updater made resize of patitions) - it's lolipop 5.0.0.
One thing - USB debugging must be switched off

Next step - from stock recovery from ROM 2.13 directly installed newest official ROM-3.77 - lolipop 5.1.1, and with tigreos tutorial from needrom/ and rooted and gapps.
That end :) I just have to configure apps and make LTE works
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Oct 20, 2011
Looks like ROM 3.77 has one big flaw - data connection doesn't work :) - no matter what I set in APN, mobile data icons aren't there and I am offline. Only WiFi
Second big issue in 3.77 - after system start I have to deactivate and activet sim cards back (for sms on second sim sometimes again)
And one little - in smart sensing disapeared smart connect (calling by taking phone to ear) and smart answer (accepting call by taking phone to ear). This I can script in tasker.

In case data wouldn't work - what would you suggest as next step: mokee 6.0.1 or lightx 3.77 ROM?
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Oct 20, 2011
As my modem doesn't work, and I have no mobile data connectio, I see a few possible ways:
a) update just baseband 3.77
b) go directly to LightX 3.77 (or CM12.1)
c) go 3.22, next LightX 3.77 (or CM12.1)
c) go mokee 6.0.1

any hints?

No hints, but I had some time
So, option a) didn't work.
Next tried option c) - installed 3.22 and then 3.77 LightX, unfortunately is stuck in some SIM Settings app. I could not leave it, and it was crushing.

So, finally option c) worked with CM12.1
Its a little slower then 3.77 (antutu on CM is 49k and on 3.77 51k), but everything is working :)
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Oct 20, 2011
Thanks for your valuable input. Your problem was too retro for my skill -- I'm carefully planning to upgrade from CM 12.1 (LP 5.1) to CM 13 (MM 6.0) soon... :cyclops:
I don't like CM limitation to one wallpaper for home screen and for locker, and the phone app where there is just one button "call" (and then you have to choose which SIM you want to call) instead of just two buttons for each SIM, like in stock rom. I presume, this will remain in CM13
Did you looked at Mokee rom? Also based on AOSP marshmallow?


Jun 17, 2015
Nubia Z7 Max reboot in TWRP

Hi all!! I have this problem with my Nubia Z7 Max. I factory reset my phone and it boots in TWRP and would not boot the sistem. Then I made a full wipe except internal and external storage and tried to restore some previous backups but it is still the same. The same thing is with installation of new ROM. Everything goes wright, installation is succes but it keeeps rebooting in TWRP. I tried to restore the original full backup of the ROM that came with the phone but still nothing. I can´t connect it with Nubia Emergency Tool because I can´t boot it to sistem and I have a N.E.T. backup that I made when purchase the phone. For the record, I am not advanced user. What should I do?? Thanks everyone :eek:

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    CM11 NX505J for Z7 Max WARNING

    I've tested CM11 for ZTE Nubia Z7 MAX provided by chinese tdbeta forum. Filename is either one with md5sum d8b1adda6a6cb6054bae106fbd25fc0d:
    cm11 nx505j II Edition.zip or cm-11-20140901-lwang-nx505j.zip

    There is unwanted system application included by author which is not part of CM.
    APK: system/app/Statics.apk . Presents itself as System Server 1.4.2, package name com.system.analytics.cpa

    You can find a system process running from shell:
    S 10057  2644   353  868m 36052 0:0   17:34 00:00:04 .abc

    It's set to start on boot, trigger on each app install/deinstall, shutdown. Seems that it collects information about apps installed and reports this information to some remote web service together with imei, serial no and probably some additional private information.
    I did not do deep analysis but binary strings suggest that this is unwanted application, for example:

    I recommend disabling or removing this application (System Server 1.4.2) immediately if you're using CM11 NX505J build by lwang.

    EDIT 10-09-2014:
    Same warning applies to MoKee build by lwang, filename MK44.4-nx505j-201408231810-lwang.zip with md5sum 4559e08b8874b7176036c9740f803eb5.
    I wrote a guide here if you need it
    h t t p : / / androidpit.com/forum/617128/nubia-z7-max-root-cwm-recovery-and-cm11-rom-tutorial
    New rom stock v3.22 nubia-z7-max-v3-22/ :good: :good:
    The 1.41 rom improved battery performance significantly, with light usage the phone lasts more than 4 days.

    I get 2 full days with heavy usage, bright screen setting and everything turned on(wifi, bluetooth, 3g/4g). Really happy with the battery life on this phone.
    Short Review

    Coming from Nokia 3210, Moto Razr V3x, Nokia E61, Samsung P780, HTC HD2, iPhone 4, Lenovo S890, Lenovo P780, Alcatel Idol X, LeMoto K910 and previously Huawei Honor 3C.

    Got the ZTE Nubia Z7 Max unit from Lazada with RM150 discount at RM1,149. Playing for 24-hour already... It's rooted 4.4.2 KitKat under NX505J_CNCommon_V1.32 ROM. Here's my comments about this unit:

    A = Android = NubiaUI 2.0 KitKat is acceptable. Lots of junk apps out of the box. After rooted, can be frozen/uninstalled.
    B = Body-Built = ZTE managed to make the plastic feel 'acceptable'. Buttons are nicely placed and decent feedback. Capacitive buttons with interchangable functions (menu vs back) are a welcome feature. Thickness and weight are comfortable. 3rd party casing and screen protectors is encouraged but I leave my unit naked.
    C = Call quality = Second place after my previous Moto RAZR V3x. You can get reception even inside elevator or basement one.
    D = Data = LTE modules for both micro-SIM 1 & 2 are the best out of all phones I've own. Previously the record was held by Huawei Honor 3C. Bluetooth is stable too.
    E = Email = Email client is flexible compared to other Android-based phones. It works as intended.
    F = Free-apps = None which is shame. I was hoping lifetime WhatsApp license just like the Alcatel Idol X.
    G = Games = As expected, heavy titles are not an issue with Snapdragon 801 and Andreno 330.
    H = Hangouts = Video call for Skype, Google Hangouts, Tango etc. is superb for 5MP front facing camera.
    I = Internet = AOSP browser is smooth. No checker-board effect on heavy websites.
    J = Juice = 3100mAh = "Decent". Claimed talk-time, stand-by time, etc. are achievable for dual-standby-micro-SIM LTE phone. Power consumption during idle state is 2% from 11pm to 5am. Daily usage can threaten my previous LeMoto P780.
    K = Kamasutra :p = Phone vibrates with notification/ringtone. Vibrating sensation is above average. Ladies may use it for other purpose(s)... LOL...
    L = Loudspeaker = The loudest out of all my previous models. DTS manipulation is pushing the loudspeaker further. But crack if treble is too high. Bass is above average.
    M = Music = Again the DTS technology does its magic. Headphone/earphone usage is encouraged.
    N = Navigation = Working as expected. Lock satellite within 10 seconds. Waze and Google Maps are working normally, even indoors.
    O = One-hand Operation = I have "big" hands and "long" fingers ;) No further comment.
    P = Picture = 13MP is exceptional packed with standard camera features/modes. Dept-of-Field feature withadjustable lighting condition is one of its kind.
    Q = Quirks = tap-hold to bring cut-copy-paste-select does not aligned properly and difficult to tap. But this can be improved in their next ROM release.
    R = Rooting = Super-duper-hyper EASYYYYYYYYY. TowelRoot is the one-click rooting tool. Mod ROM is also available but not purely ROW ROM.
    S = Sound = Earphone sound is OK. Speaker-phone is OK too but crack if too loud. The DTS manipulates the sound brilliantly.
    T = Texting = Stock android keyboard should be replaced with Google keyboard.
    U = User-Interface = smooth & flexible with various themes to choose. Thanks to the 2GB RAM.
    V = Video = Capturing 1080P video is acceptable. 4K is limited to 4 minutes due to overheating. Auto-focus is acceptable.
    W = WiFi = The best out of all smartphones that I have own. Previously was Huawei Honor 3C. Others only manage to get 1-2 bars in my basement floor test. But z7 Max captures 5 full bars without fail. Honor 3C gets 4 bars.
    X = X-factors = For dual-micro-SIM LTE phone with 2GB RAM supported by 32GB onboard storage is worth every penny. Strong voice/data/Wi-Fi reception is a desperate move for those who live in the outskirts or camping sites. Gamers will like this unit too.
    Y = YouTube = The 5.5" IPS screen accompanied by excellent LTE connection is surely an enjoyable experience.
    Z = Zero-figure. Imported from People Republic of China (PRC) unit at Malaysia Ringgit RM1,149-point-zero-zero is a smart investment with high internal specs.

    CONCLUSION : Buy it if you are looking for high-spec phone having dual-micro-SIM LTE support. Gonna clinging to this unit until Huawei Ascent Mate 7 or LeMoto Vibe Z2 pro dual-SIM is available in local market.
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