[HELP] No HID devices, no mouse and no keyboard works - only in cwm recovery ?!

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Feb 27, 2011
After this problem here:

I had a really strange problem. I really need a solution.
I dont want to spam this board here, but I found no informations that helps me.

After cancel a "wipe cache partition" process in cwm, with result of "cant mount cache", I can only use my keyboard in rbox Boot menu and cwm!?

I try:
-Reflash the last newest rooted fw's from rbox
-Try to bring the android settings.apk to run, without success: See here some hints

Greetings by Idijt

Fix it on my own:
-Install the oldest rom I can found bueller- with cwm
-Had still su rights after install and my keybaord was back. Only rbox-bootloader was gone and cwm
-BUT IT WAS NOT THE BEST IDEA! Cos is follow stupid this guide from step 2, I bricked my AFTV1 (after flashing over cwm) for a short moment! :/
-But glory aftvnews helped me with this, specially this and then this
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