Help on battery life!

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Bobbi lim

Senior Member
Dec 22, 2012
Has anyone realised that the battery life on the One X running JB dies out faster compared to when it was running on ICS? Is there a workaround or is anyone willing to offer some tips on how to extend the battery life of the One X. I'm currently running on a non-rooted stock ROM.


Senior Member
Dec 22, 2012
in my opinion, the battery life with Jb is much better than with ICS.
normally, your battery have to be calibrate. so, use your HOX still you have under 10% and then load it full up to 100. but if you reached 100%, don't pull off your charger, let him on and load a hour more.

now, pull it off and use your HOX again to 10%.

do this a few times and your battery will be calibrated and will running longer and better as with ICS.