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Help! Oneplus2

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New member
Sep 22, 2021
Hi. I am facing an issue with my oneplus 2 device, I wanted to make it boot multiple ROMs so searched on google about this and I found a thread on this website only, and in that thread, there was a recovery and zip file given to flash so I booted into TWRP recovery and flashed the zip file first and then recovery and then reboot-->recovery, after that oneplus logo with "powered by android" text came and for 5 mins nothing happened. I connected the phone to my computer and typed the fastboot command-"fastboot reboot recovery", it reboot and stuck at the same state as before, then I used-"fastboot reboot", it rebooted into the oxygen os which was installed on it. then I flashed the original TWRP recovery using its official app as my phone was rooted. After that, I again tried to flash the multirom recovery but this time I flashed the recovery first and then the zip file but the same happened. I again booted into the rom and flashed the original TWRP recovery using the app and then I got to know on the internet that I should first shutdown the phone after flashing multirom recovery and then reboot it in the recovery and then flash the zip file, so I did the same but to my bad luck this time also same happened and this time I am not able to boot into the rom also and I am only now able to use fastboot and to the very worst my bootloader has also got locked I don't know how but it was unlocked last time but when I saw in fastboot it was saying that bootloader is locked. Please help me to fix my phone I have attached the multirom recovery file and the link to the thread. Please tell me if you all want any other info I will try to provide you that.