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Help: P20 Pro stuck in TWRP formatting

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New member
Apr 7, 2021
I attempted to put LinageOS on to my P20 Pro, and that was actually successful it just didn't have the ability to do simple things like take photos or save a file apparently due to an encrypted data partition or so I have read ( The signs are that the folders in the folder "sdcard" are just random letters and numbers). So I read a little about that and apparently you can solve that issue by going into TWRP > Wipe > Format Data, so I started that. Long story short my devices has been "Formatting data" for almost 4h now and counting
The last terminal output is.

Update partition details...
Formatting Data using mkfs.f2fs...

But the bar is still loading. I have no idea what to do or how to properly wipe that partition anyone know any better than me?


Senior Member
Dec 8, 2013
Hey! ⚡ You cant do Stuff Like this on TWRP on the P20 Pro, it is only Used for ADB Sideload & Push. Use Huawei's Recovery Ramdisk to Wipe your Data.
Make sure you Downgraded to:
Use this Instructions to Make LineageOS 16 to Work :)
'But' One Thing is not Written on this Guide.
When you do First Time Setup. Do not Connect your WIFI. Download Android System Webview Latest Version of Google Transfer it over USB File Transfer to the Device and Install the APK from the Filebrowser.
Then you can Connect your WIFI and Proceed! :) If you don't do this, It will Show a Blackscreen and you can't finish the Google Setup.

Took me a Day to Figure this out. 😌

LineageOS 16.0 was Removed on the LOS Downloads. Feel Free and Let me know if you need the .zip I sent you a Allready Fixed File that is Ready to Flash for Sideload 👩‍💻
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