Question [HELP] Pixel 6 Pro freezing shortly after booting [SOLVED]

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May 17, 2010
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Curious/Interesting.... I always assumed clicking on the trash icon and rebooting simply but effectively uninstalled the module. But it's also why I stated that you should remove each module and reboot after each time....*very important the rebooting

I think the problem may have been that although I tapped on remove (and it got crossed out), when I rebooted, I immediately flashed the stock image. I didn't let it reboot with Magisk intact to fully remove the module's changes. Could that be the problem? Then when I finally flashed Magisk again, it was able to remove the module after a (second) reboot. WEIRD. If anyone knows about how this works. Please chime in!

On another note, I've taken a careful look at that module and the one I flashed was modified further by a random user, not the OP. My mistake, I didn't check what was inside. It had pretty much completely removed any throttling up to 95c lol. I don't know how it ran fine for a few days and became a problem once I rebooted last night. I have now carefully modified the thermal mod myself, and am testing it now. I will be posting it in that thread.
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    Your whole system has been broken. I would recommend you reflash all new system.
    Yes, I've been looking at the logs but I don't know what the problems point to. There are literally thousands of errors.

    I have reflashed the entire factory image (so far only without wiping) and am still seeing the freezing and reboots. So clearly something is majorly messed up. Is there any way to only wipe the "system" partition? Or is that a thing of the past?
    I think what @Kris Chen is alluding to is that, while you have flashed the Full Factory image without wiping, you haven't done anything to narrow the issue down (by disabling everything [modules or any other possible conflicting aspect]) and enabling them one by one (sort of how you would find what switch is connected to what socket so you turn all switches off, plug something into each socket, and turn them on one by one) -- you seem to feel very strongly about not flashing to stock and losing all data, but unwilling to do the necessary troubleshooting outside of that method.
    But it is unfortunate -- I feel as you do -- that gone are the days of TWRP (at least for the Pixel 7's and/or Android 13 [even Android 12 support is limited]) where you could wipe and re-apply (from a backup) the data & system partition only....
    Try loading what in safe mode? Please read the whole post. It's able to boot into safe mode and stays unfrozen but there are still a lot of errors in logcat. I have posted the logs.
    My apologies...I didn't see/overlooked that you had loaded up in safe mode...
    One of the main points of utilizing safe mode is to show/prove that it is Magisk and/or one of its modules that are causing issues. I suggest you either load them up one by one until you replicate the issue and/or remove all traces of Magisk and completely unroot and try flashing Magisk and modules again.

    FYI, you state "I'm attaching two error level logcats: 1) During regular boot: Freeze_normal_boot.txt 2) During safe mode boot: Freeze_safe_mode_boot.txt" which I assume are text files, but no such files are attached in the post....thought you should know....
    Thanks! The files must have been too big. I edited the post with external links to the logs.

    I assumed that flashing the stock May update would un-root and get rid of Magisk. Is that not the case?
    Not necessarily. It is true that your device is unrooted, but that's only because the init_boot partition is flashed to stock ("May update") -- you merely just can't have "root" access. Magisk still remains in the root directory -- it's how modules and settings remain, even after flashing full factory images (removing -w from flash-all method of course, having -w remain would obviously remove it and wipe all other data to factory reset).
    Alright so what should I do? Is this recoverable without wiping all data? When I said I flashed the May update, I meant the entire image as I got it from Pixel Factory images:

    If you wish to do what Kris Chen suggests (he may have gotten to his conclusion by reading your logs), you could simply flash the Full Factory image that you linked -- you could do it manually or there are multiple tools that can do it for you; you were able to root, so I imagine you already have a method. Try to back up as much as you can.

    If you wish to completely unroot, there are guides and methods I imagine.

    If I found myself in your situation, this is what I would do...
    • update every module
      • a bug may be what's causing glitching and corrected in newer version
    • disable every module
    • update/establish Magisk stable version -- this may mean downgrading if on canary or delta
      • unhide Magisk if hidden
    • reboot
    • enable one module and reboot and see if the system loads up correctly
      • see if can't narrow down if it is a specific module
    • if that does result in a stable loading system,
      • it was a buggy module
    • if that doesn't result in a stable loading of system,
      • take a photo of installed modules
      • I would remove/delete the Magisk subdirectory from the root directory
      • flash the stock init_boot
    *I'm sure there are more official, better ways to "remove root"
    • if that does result in a stable loading of system
      • install Magisk stable version
      • patch stock init_boot; flash it
      • install single module -- rebooting right after each one & confirm system stability before installing next one
      • maybe Magisk just needed to be intensively re-initialized
    • if that does not result in a stable loading system
      • remove Magisk
      • flash stock init_boot
      • flash stock kernel
    • if that does result in stable loading of system
      • it's your kernel, not Magisk
    • if that does not result in stable loading of system
      • lost cause
      • back everything up
      • flash Full Factory image with wipe included

    Those are just things I, personally, would do -- take it as much as a suggestion as you will (as you probably did many of them already anyways). Good luck to you!