HELP please! LG say my G5 is rooted

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Mar 6, 2009

My LG G5 is just under 18 months old, so still covered by the 2 yr UK warranty in that sense. It has started to only accept a USB connection (for charging, data connection, anything) once before it needs rebooting to accept it again.
So, I sent it back to LG. They sent the phone back to say it is rooted and wouldn't fix it.
I have eventually got to someone at Head Office and they still say the same, that as the OS has been modified then they will not repair it (the warranty does state that they will not repair a fault CAUSED by a modification by the way)
So I ran the internal software check as mentioned here - - and it does indeed come up with a positive, it says that SUPERUSER (a rooting related app) was installed on 1/1/17. - see attached image
I well remember doing a full wipe and reinstall of the phone on new years day and Google Play installed all the apps on my account and I had to delete the ones that I didn't use anymore. I have rooted various devices and that is why Superuser was in my Google Play account. It did install on the phone that day and was uninstalled (never run) the same day. The phone has never been rooted (it has been mine since new, I know how to root phones and would know if I had! I have also had no reason to) and I have run Android Pay and the banking apps on it all the time.

I can actually get the phone repaired for £25 anyway so it's not so much the repair that is the issue right now, it's that I think LG shouldn't get away with treating customers like this and I want to make a point.
Before I go through the various public attempts to make the point (Twitter, Trading Standards, Tech mags) I do want to be 100% clear of the facts, so if I am mistaken then please do tell me.
The Head Office guy said that even though Android Pay etc still works, that they have different checks and that a program has been run that has modified the OS. Their own internal phone software tells me that this program is Superuser. My understanding is that superuser does nothing at all unless a phone is rooted. Then, on a rooted phone, it will act as a 'middle-man', intercepting anything that wants root access and asking for permission from the user.

Am I correct in saying (and LG incorrect) that Superuser makes NO change to the OS? All the version numbers in About in Settings are the current legit ones.

In my opinion, they are technically intelligent enough to know that there is no technical issue with my circumstances, they just want to get out of fixing the phone (which has already cost them me buying the next incarnation of the series at the end of my contract and my next TV too). Even if it had been modified, the app was installed on 1 Jan, the issue started a month ago, and LG happily fixed another fault (fingerprint sensor) on the phone back in April with no complaining about root! There could be no proof that the fault was caused by Superuser.

Any advice/ammunition to talk to them would be appreciated.


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Mar 6, 2009
Exactly what I thought.
I should probably have posted this in the Superuser forum, is it possible to move it? I don't want to repeat post. If anyone could say what Superuser DOES do, that would be ideal..

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    They don't know what they saying.. superuser app could not modify the os if it is not rooted and have not unlocked bootloader...
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