Help rolling back/changing firmware to fix cell service issues, unsure of version to use

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Feb 21, 2022
I have an s9+ SM-G965U I bought Pre-Owned from Boost Mobile, I called and got the phone carrier unlocked and switched to Verizon near the end of 2021.
Service has worked fine up until a day or 2 ago, I strongly suspect it's caused by the latest Firmware update it auto installed recently.
latest version G965USQ9FUL1 released 2022-02-15

Thinking of rolling back to G965USQS9FUG2
Looking on the Verizon and TMobile versions are the same, I'm wondering which one I should use? Also will I run into problems with my phone trying to auto update firmware every few days?

Is it safe to use the Verizon version on my unlocked phone?
Also would just using the Verizon version most likely fix my service issues so that I can stay on the latest?
Apologies I am quite new to messing with phones in particular.