[Help] Rooting iRiver ITQ701

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May 21, 2013
I just got my iRiver ITQ701 tablet last week and trying to find ways to root it but with no success so far.
It use the same Tegra3 as Nexus 7 but the CWM recovery image doesn't work. When I try to boot the CWM image with fastboot, it just hang.
The boot loader seem to be already unlocked cause when I try to "fastboot oem unlock" it in fastboot mode, it said the loader is already unlocked.
Since it is using Android 4.1.1, I don't want any exploit will work for that.

So my only option seem to be compile CWM on my own and turn on root access so that I can install the su package. But I can't get the boot partition image out from the tablet without a root access, and there is no upgrade image out there right now for this tablet.

Is there anyway to get the boot partition image without root access? Or is there any other way to root this tablet?

Please help.

Thank you.