Question Help Rooting moto G power 2021 on Android 10

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    I remember Sprint merged with T-Mobile awhile ago so I don't see reason why oem unlock is grayed out for you
    On my moto G7 with T-Mobile I managed to unlock bootloader with no issues at all so if oem unlock was available for me I don't see the reason why it's not available for you
    Turns out, I had just activated the phone and it takes a week or so for the activation data to register with local cell providers. It took about three, maybe four days but the option for oem locking went from grayed out to available. Using the official Motorola bootloader unlock page I was able to unlock it with ADB/Fastboot on PC.
    My computer and the rescue tool finally cooperated with each other. Touch screen is restored as is everything else minus the bootloader. Ill pick this up again tomorrow. Going Zip Lining....
    I am also looking into a way to root this phone. I have read through the forums, and this one included, and concluded, I do not have a PC. However, If there is a remote root service I could pay for or a senior member who would take a donation in exchange for root access on the Moto G Power 2021 Boost Mobile sprint USA Variant, I'd be ecstatic.
    You would still need to unlock the bootloader, with PC
    Update: I have rooted the Motorola G Power 2021 Boost Mobile USA variant (Model XT2117-4) successfully with Magisk and the tutorial here thanks to senior member for the tutorial. sd_shadow you are awesome! I saw your tutorial and tried it, works like a charm.

    On phone>
    Install Magisk app.
    Enable developer options.
    Use the official Motorola unlock website to unlock the bootloader.
    Allow OEM unlocking.
    Allow USB debugging

    On PC>
    Install the stock borneo ROM.

    Plug phone into PC

    Copy "boot.img" from the borneo ROM on PC to Motorola G Power 2021 storage.

    On Phone>
    open magisk and click install.
    Choose "select and pach a file".
    Navigate to the boot.img file.
    Flash the file with magisk.

    On PC>
    navigate to phone's storage and copy the patched magisk boot.img file to the PC.
    Put the patched magisk boot.img file in the directory of fastboot and ADB on PC.

    Open up fastboot from PC fastboot directory. Hold shift in the Fastboot directory and right click an empty space, choose open powershell/command window here.

    Type commands:
    fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img

    fastboot reboot

    *Make sure magisk_patched.img is the exact name of the magisk patched boot.img file.

    Reboot. Check magisk and Root Checker for proper root installation.
    Does this work on boost mobile version?
    Yes, tried last night. Works splendidly. Safety net tripped for me but using "magisk hide prop" module helped hide root from apps like Google etc. You can get it from the magisk module section.