Question Help stuck in poco logo and keep restarting (hold up vol and power or hold down and power) not working

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    What to do after fastboot????
    i see you have the same issue as the guide, and have access to fastboot

    flash MIUI firmware

    download any MIUI ROM version from any trusted website (my favorite is, it downloads faster), search for "camellian" (device codename) and download the fastboot rom.

    after downloading, extract the folder of the ROM

    after ur done, install MiFlashPro (attached) and open it

    you will be greeted with this

    click the "Mi Flash" tab

    then the following window will open

    install the drivers that are necessary to flash your phone (or else it wont flash)

    then, select the fastboot rom via the "select" button next to the blank line

    click refresh, then your phone serial number should show up in the cells

    on the bottom, select "clean all" only

    and finally, click "flash"

    then let it flash, about 15 mins, and it will automatically reboot.