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Aug 10, 2022
My baseband is A125USQS3BVB2, my region is OYN (multi-region).
OEM is completely missing (developer mode enabled, past 7 days, not grayed out, completely missing).
I've tried downgrading to Android 10, but it still was missing.
Is there a specific version I can downgrade to that would allow OEM unlocking? (along with a specific date i could change to , just to be sure)

I only want to unlock OEM so I can root my phone


Feb 7, 2018
Samsung Galaxy A12
Hi guys, Ive unlocked bootloader, was running a custom rom but came back to oneui about a month ago, but didn't install twrp or root. So im on oneui with no root, just an unlocked bootloader. Is there a way to get OTA updates working? Samsung has apparently blocked the updates as my device is modified, I was just going to root and custom kernel until i saw the post where the android 12 updates are coming through. will rooting and using zygisk help? Or will I need to download it manually and flash it from my pc? Thanks

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    Okay so does this mean the u1 firmware will be fine to flash on my u?
    You still need to find fimware with the same SW REV value or you will have to go through hell to trick the Rollback prevention (RP)
    Hello everyone. I need some help in rooting my Galaxy A12. I have searched many forums for a guide to root and install Twrp. I have found guides dealing with many other models of my device. Not sure if I need to use one of those. Don't want to brick it at all. My device is a Straight Talk Galaxy A12 Sm-S127DL. Unlocking bootloader is not a issue. Just need root guide if possible. Thanks.
    i rooted my Samsung A125M , after a week my Phone Start not knowing my phone number and gives a notification with a Blocked Sign. please i want help
    I had the same issue. I managed to fix it by clean flashing the last working firmware. It works now, but it's not rooted, unfortunately. If anyone knows how to root the Galaxy A12 without this problem, please let me know.