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May 31, 2021
Hello dear xda users,

I wanted to transfer my WhatsApp to a new phone. I have created a local backup and transferred it to the new phone. Though WhatsApp doesn't want to recognize it and just prompts me for the google drive backup. The number stayed the same and in the past I never had problems with that. The same things happens on my old phone. So now I have all the data, but I cannot use it. It would be sad for me to lose all my chatlogs (6 years). So I wanted to decrypt the database with the help of https://andreas-mausch.de/whatsapp-viewer/. Though I haven't found a recent and decent manual on how to get the WhatsApp Encryption Key from the newest app version and newest Android (crypt 14). I can root my phone if necessary. So if someone knows how to do that, may you please provide a manual or point me in the right direction?

Kind regards,

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Jul 8, 2022
C:\Users\anshelo\Desktop\WhatsApp>python .
ktop\tool1\key" "C:\Users\anshelo\Desktop\
anshelo\Desktop\tool1\msgstore.db" "--forc
Crypt12/14 key loaded
[E] Server salt mismatch: b'\xa1\xee/\xda\
[E] Google ID mismatch: b'\x7f\x95\xa9!t\x
Database header parsed
[E] I can't recognize decrypted data. Decr
The key probably does not match with t
the key is active on the cell phone

please help

command line to use
ipython ./decrypt14_15.py "C:\Users\anshelo\Desktop\tool1\key" "C:\Users\anshelo\Desktop\tool1\1msgstore.db.crypt14" "C:\Users\anshelo\Desktop\tool1\msgstore.db" "--force"
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Jan 29, 2021
Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

I have same issue, I used key extracted from my phone to decrypt .14 files and worked for some db files but not the others i want.

I have some dates from 14 may and above (working)
The one i want is from 8 may --> not working
Same Key, same device, same whatsapp

Maybe a whaysapp version issue ? i dont know if it get updated between these dates.

I tried Python way, Whatsapp viewer way but all give same result, anyone can help me please ?

thanks a lot
using this command python ./decrypt14_15.py "E:\WAP\key" "E:\WAP\1msgstore.db.crypt14" "E:\WAP\1msgstore.decrypted.db" --force

i get :
Server salt mismatch
Google ID mismatch
I can't recognize decrypted data. Decryption not successful.

Thanks in advance guys


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Jul 27, 2022
Apparently Whats app generates different types of keys. I have a backup with key 1 and key 2... and although a backup is quite recent the key is 3... hence decryption is not possible.....
I haven't tested whether you can decrypt it directly on your cell phone or with an older Whatsapp version...

If anyone tests it, please post here. Maybe I'll try it out soon...


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Aug 16, 2013
I have the same problem that many users complained, I can't extract messages from my phone backup, not an old phone, but the one I'm currently using.

I open Whatsapp, make the backup, then enter the TWRP recovery and copy the KEY file to the DATA partition (SDCARD folder, and do CHMOD 755, otherwise I can't read it).

At this point, I connect the phone to the computer and without problems copy the KEY file to the computer, 158 bytes.

I copy the crypt14 backup file created a few minutes earlier from the phone to the computer.

I tried with various software, Whatsapp Viewer (on Windows), WhatsApp-Crypt14-Crypt15-Decrypter, and Whapa (both in Windows and in Linux), and none of them can decrypt the database, as if the key is wrong

(my requirement is to open the database with another software in order to extract all the messages in long chat, the export provided by Whatsapp exports only in TXT format, and only a few months of messages, if I want also media file)


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Aug 16, 2013
no need to backup or decrypt because you have TWRP. just copy the plain msgstore.db database...

The backup file is in "msgstore.db.crypt14" format, so it's encrypted, I don't have a backup in "msgstore.db" format, in fact, I don't have any file without the "crypt14" suffix :(

Other files, such as "wa.db.crypt14" are then encrypted as well.

If, on the other hand, you mean the CHMOD command, if I simply copy the KEY file to the SDCARD folder, so that I can read it by connecting the phone to the computer, unfortunately it is not possible, "reading error" appears. If instead, after copying the KEY file to the SDCARD folder, I apply the CHMOD 755 command and restart the phone, the KEY file can be read and copied to the computer.


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Aug 16, 2013
sure you have /data/data/com.whatsapp/databases/msgstore.db
You're right, I hadn't seen them :)

However, I tried to use them with WhatsApp Viewer, and a message appears "it seems like you tried to open an older WhatsApp database. Please try to use an older version of WhatsApp Viewer."

Obviously, the database is created with the latest version of WhatsApp currently downloadable from Google Play.
I tried the last 3 versions of WhatsApp Viewer but the same error message always appears.

Probably, it's not the backup that's too old, but it's the latest version of WhatsApp Viewer (v1.15) that doesn't recognize the backup files :sneaky:
Tomorrow I will try with Whapa

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    Ordinarily, you should be able to restore WhatsApp chatlog from your local backup.
    I know, it always worked before. But now WhatsApp is just stupid. I also contacted the WhatsApp Support. They were like: "Well...tough luck. We can't help you." Maybe they should just give people an easy way to make an unencrypted export of all chats. I did everything according to the manuals and then the restore of the backup doesn't work. You don't even get any pop up, if something was wrong with the backup file or that WhatsApp cannot find any back ups on the phone. I have Threema as well, but most people I know don't use it.
    says i have the wrong key
    i made the backup today, and i copied the key file today as well from the same device.

    the command i use
    "WhatsApp Viewer.exe" -decrypt14 "D:\User\Downloads\Whatsapp DB tools\2msgstore.db.crypt14" "D:\User\Downloads\Whatsapp DB tools\key" 2msgstore.db.crypt14.decrypted.db

    the error i get
    Try: https://github.com/ElDavoo/WhatsApp-Crypt14-Crypt15-Decrypter
    Good luck
    Hi there!
    I'm a little bit lost a this thread.

    I have one question:
    Is it possible to get the decryption key installing WhatsApp at a new rooted phone and use it to decrypt an old backup?

    It seems to be working for Marc262
    hi, yes luckily it worked for me like described:

    What I did: I paid someone with a rooted android Phone to install whatsapp in my name.

    He copied the original key.dat from data/data and sent me by email.

    whatsapp viewer said: "invalid key" when I try to decrypt my database from july 2020

    But Backuptrans (free trial version) accepted the new key automatically and decryptet 20 messages.
    After this I bought backuptrans. There are discout codes you will find while googeling, so it gets cheaper.
    I paid 26 euros with taxes. Thats ok.

    After that backuptrans decryptet 350 thousand messages! wow :D
    this works, thanks loads.

    for anyone who needs to know, i used this command
    python ./decrypt14_15.py "D:\User\Downloads\Whatsapp DB tools\key" "D:\User\Downloads\Whatsapp DB tools\1msgstore.db.crypt14" "D:\User\Downloads\Whatsapp DB tools\1msgstore.decrypted.db"
    Now, I can decrypt perfectly crypt14 files using the soon released WHATSAPP VIEWER v1.15 by Andreas Mausch ♥️
    How to do:
    "WhatsApp Viewer.exe" -decrypt14 msgstore-2016-10-22.1.db.crypt14 whatsapp.cryptkey14 decrypted.db
    Official website: