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Feb 6, 2013

I got a "new" galaxy S7
with this rom actually :

is it possible to flash herolte firmwares on it ??
for example a G930F custom rom like [ROM][OFFICIAL][11] crDroid v7.5 for Samsung Galaxy S7 for example ??

or with other words :

Can i handle this Galaxy s7 like my old one (G930F Europe) ??


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I got a "new" galaxy S7
with this rom actually :

is it possible to flash herolte firmwares on it ??
for example a G930F custom rom like [ROM][OFFICIAL][11] crDroid v7.5 for Samsung Galaxy S7 for example ??

or with other words :

Can i handle this Galaxy s7 like my old one (G930F Europe) ??
If it's Verizon no it won't allow you to unlock the bootloader. Don't try flashing anything. That's why Verizon phones are always the cheapest online because after they stop getting updates from samsung they are pretty much over.
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Jul 10, 2021
Hi everybody. I hope one of you can enlighten me and answer my quesion or better give direction. That would be very much appreciated.

German Galaxy S7 G930F with standard Samsung OS, latest samsung update has not been installed (no custom ROM, no root, Developer tools have not been activated also USB debugging

Save data because backup has not been used (I know it's stupid)

  • Phone got stuck while running.
  • Restart via Powerbutton
  • Upon restart the "Samsung Galaxy S7" start screen and red text "Custom binary blocked b FRP log" is displayed
  • afterwards screen turn black and phone went off
  • If connected to power supply the phone continously reboots (boot loop) with the big battery screen with the flash and in red "Costum binary... FRP lock.
  • If starte normaly only "Samsung Galaxy S7" start screen und red "Custom binary ..." is displayed. Then it turns off.
  • Adroid recovery is accesible,
  • Download mode is accessible.
  • Phone can be found in odin and get USB connection to PC

Phone was bought in 2017 by my wife and used eversince. So we know the credentials and PIN etc.
No factory reset was initiated.

Now I am trying to get a data backup that I can transport to the new phone.
  • try to create a backup via ADB and get the phone back to work by flashing Samsung firmware and apply ADB backup and then backup Chats and apps.
Failed: adb lists device but cannot make connection missing USB debugging activation?​
  • make an system image and try to repair this in an emulator to acces the apps and backup
    • Failed odin does not support system images from phone.
We are currentl only concerned about the apps because pictures are on a SD Card that we can remove

I am running out of ideas. Classical PC strategies seem not work. Any suggestions. Right now, I assume a complete loss of all data except SD Card.
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My SM-G930F with Android running version 7.0 Nougat, based on the DPLT stock TouchWiz firmware, is rooted using Magisk v21.4 (with Manager 8.0.7) and has Xposed v89 installed on it.

I am desparate to disable / deactivate the SMS-to-MMS conversion, without necessarily having to flash a custom firmware.
I have tried the appropriately named / relevant Xposed module (called "AllowLongSMS"), but I believe that module is ineffective on Nougat based stock TouchWiz firmwares.

I await your valuable recommendation/s.
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I have a G930F (exynos) S7, rooted and flashed with LightROM, which is based on stock firmware. CSC is OXM/XEU. I am an AT&T customer in the USA. As you may know, AT&T is phasing out 3G, and my phone can't make calls in LTE only mode. I've been on chat with their customer service for an hour, and they have no idea why it isn't working. Can someone explain what I need to do to get this phone working?

It's an international version phone, so I wonder if the CSC is incompatible with AT&T. I understand that it is possible (in some cases) to change the CSC code, but I don't know how. The only methods I've found required me to install a stock USA firmware, but I haven't been able to find one. I think I'd need the ATT, XAA, or XAS firmware, but I'm not even sure that the CSC is the problem. But I'd expect the phone's VoLTE/HD voice capabilities to work because it has the stock drivers from Samsung in this ROM.


Dec 18, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S5
I think I may have gone too far with debloating through ADB. I did most of the work months ago with excellent results. But lastnight out of curiosity, whilst going through apps and storage, I saw that I had missed several samsung apps, and wanted to free up some space so I pulled up ADB, and removed anything pertaining to:

Samsung Upday, push service, Samsung Pass, pay, and samsung cloud. Also any package that had knox in the name.

Since doing this, Gapps no longer works. I can still open up the play store, but if I click to install an app, it does not respond. There's also no longer a tab to show my installed apps, apps won't update etc.

Does anyone know if/which samsung package(s) are critical for playstore to function? Thanks.


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Dec 1, 2008
When trying to screen mirror (USB or WiFi direct) to my car's Head Unit, some video streams (SlingTV, Fox, Roku) and some apps don't display, while my phone, at the same time plays the video just fine...audio works. The HU will show overlay video controls (ie, VOL, FF, Play, RR). Using Galaxy S7 non-root, Android 8.0.0. Any suggestions?


May 26, 2022
Is there a way to brick s7 to black screen by wrongly exiting download mode or recovery mode without doing anything ?


May 26, 2022
nothing indicates that is alive no led even when charging...
how i can even check battery only thing is heat when charging normal temp

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    Hi, I recently got an S7 VZW, so I wanted to know since I'm a T-Mobile user, is there any possibility to activate VoLTE on it? Or any way to put a differente firmware to get better options on the Mobile Network settings? Thanks!

    Hi mate

    You have a Snapdragon S7 ( Verizon) and you are a T Mobile user...i guess you are not in Venezuela, anyhow you may have better luck if you ask in the Verizon forum or in the T Mobile , this forum is for the international version ( Exynos)

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    Hi. I have a S7 from an operator, it's unlocked from factory but firmware it's from carrier. Can I root and install a custom ROM? It's exynos version SM-G930F.

    Another question: when flashing with Odin will I trip Knox ?


    Attached: several screenshots about my device

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S7 using XDA Labs

    hi Mate

    Yes you can install an unbranded firmware in your phone ( Odin)

    Yes you can root ,install a custom recovery and then install Custom rom , this will trip knox , warranty loss and no more Samsung pay

    Flashing official firmware with odin will not trip knox
    Where are screenshots stored? sdcard/Pictures is empty, but both screenshots I've taken show up in the Gallery app. I'd like to be able to access them through ES File Explorer though.


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    I didn't feel this question deserved a dedicated thread, so here it is:

    I see lots of people using package disablers for unrooted devices and sharing their disabled packages lists and all. However, I find myself a bit lost because I cannot find much info about WHICH would be the most reliable/less error prone, etc...

    I already got BK Package Disabler Pro for free through some promotion, but I found Package Disabler Pro and saw that an XDA editor uses EZ Package Disabler.

    Anyone has some experience with these could point me towards the "best"?

    Thanks in advance!

    I'm using Package Disabler Pro by policedeveloper
    I like it because it allows import/export of lists, color codes items by system, bloatware, etc

    One key thing I've learned though, whatever app you use, you should enable everything back in Application Manager before you disable items with your app.
    Does anyone have reset problems? In every a few days, when I was surfing or just switching apps, phone freezes and restarts by itself. It happens less after last firmware update but still happens. Maybe an app causes it but I am curious if it happnes lots of users:confused:

    Yep, happening on my model as well. Usually before mine restarts it sporadically disconnects and reconnects to my Wi-Fi, I've performed a factory reset and it seems to occur less often.

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    hi im a newbie
    I just want to ask and help on my GAlaxy s7 sm-930FD globe locked.
    I just flash a TWRP 3.0.2 using flashify but i already installed a TWRP 3.0.0.
    and all of a sudden my device now is bricked ....
    is there any way to fix my phone without the official rom and flash using odin...
    please help
    THANK in Advance.
    I'm using the exact same model on the same carrier , I haven't rooted yet though. You pretty much only have to use Odin if you can't get into anything but the bootloader. If you're still able to access TWRP, try restoring a backup or Flashing a ROM. If TWRP is inaccessible you could try flashing another G930FD ROM in Odin, I'd grab a stock ROM from this site.
    Good luck!