Help to fix S7 bad flash

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Mar 18, 2023
Hi Everyone Thans for having me Im stuck
My s7 froze and wouldnt do anything I managed to turn it off ,then it wouldnt boot ,after clearing the cashe and rebooting system it almost started but kept going to the android falling over ,
I read the options to sort this and tried to flash twrp recovery I seemed to go ok but when the phone rebooted it went to the An error has occured while updating the device software screen ,
I have tried smart switch but it does not see /connect the phone ,I can with a bit of messing with the buttons get from the An error /use the emergency recovery function screen to the ODIN Mode screen and the phone connects to odin But when i try to re flash the boot loader it flashes to the end then fails .
Am I right thinking Its the boot loader I need to get on 1st to get any further ?
Can anyone point me in the right direction ?
If ive posted in the wrong place please can you move

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Sounds to me, like part of the storage may have suddenly failed or been damaged, causing your device to lock up and after a reboot, triggering this unusual state. Part of the bootloader is likely not getting read or written to properly, so installing fails only after partially writing to the device, and it refuses to boot. You could try a repartition and complete installation - that might also make it worse though. I've seen the blue screen of mild annoyance many times - not sure about the falling android, was there any text? If so, what did it say? The firmware does contain screens for various diffrent panic states, resembling the one you mentioned. I would encourage you to do some more research on those and look for patterns in the way it fails - or doesn't - when flashing other parts of the firmware package. Don't even bother with SmartSwitch - in my experience, it fails at anything the errors tell you to use it for. Also, simple issues like a faulty cable or the wrong firmware can often be overlooked - so make sure those are fine before starting to experiment.
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