help with pre enable adb debugging on LG G2 D803 with broken digitizer and lcd

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Mar 31, 2011
Hi everyone I have a lg g2 d803 with broken screen and digitizer, I got an new phone but I was wondering it I could use the G2 as a way to make my LCD Tv a smart TV, so I when and got a dongle to connect the G2 to my tv through hdmi, and it worked but cannot control anything because you can only use the hdmi or the otg not both at once.

So I tried to use this program:
It worked on my s3 with a broken screen, but not on my g2 because usb deugging is not on.
the thread says to :
for people who dont have adb enabled, i suggest you contact a kernel developer to automatically enable it in the default.prop and sideload the kernel in recovery!
i broke my S3 on stock so nothing was enabled.
i enabled adb via the default.prop and compiled the kernel and flashed in recovery(sideload).
now i have full control over the device.

Does anyone know how to develop a kernel with the usb debugging enabled or have a kernel already?
I do not want to put more money into this phone since I do not intend to use it as a phone any more.