Help with root. Caterpillar S48c

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Dec 4, 2012
TWRP hacked together for s48c

Well I have TWRP up and running on the s48c. No its not built from source, but hey it works. All mounts are working, you can flash images and zips, backup and restore... You do NOT want to flash this to a boot slot. If your BL is unlocked, just fastboot boot twrp.s48c.img.

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so when i boot to the twrp recovery you provided.. now of the storage mounts i can back up or flash anything. what should i do?

UPDATE. just do as below if you face that error.

> You can choose to Factory reset, Format data or Advanced wipe > tick /data. Either way, it's going to wipe EVERYTHING in the internal storage (that's the purpose of device encryption, to prevent unauthorized access to the storage). However, I recommend you choose "FORMAT DATA"
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    Hey, I've had this phone for 6 months and have been searching feverishly for a way to get magisk functioning on it. I run magisk on my tab and watch and it works well. There are no custom recoveries available not can I find or extract a stock boot image. I've already returned one phone to Cat bricked from my tinkering. Please help
    I guess you'll have to build twrp for the s48c? I just got it, I've never built it before but I might give it a try in the next week or two
    I have bootloader unlocked.. adds an annoying startup screen. I will start building a TWRP recovery tomorrow... I need a copy of boot.img, kinda impossible without root afaik. But I will build it and hope for the best.

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    Maybe someone has some skill on the phone and could get caterpillar to give us a copy of boot.img. that would help immensely. I will only get 1 shot to get it correct otherwise, brick.

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    In other words the quicker we can acquire that file the quicker I can get it rooted with custom recovery.
    Any luck on this?
    So upset I didn't keep archives I used to have an app someone built while working on their samsung phase phone of somekind. somewhere on xda is an app that let's guides and helps you build the sectors using cat proc in terminal on phone to get it's partition tables then you can rebuild with aosp files to build your recovery you need your phones partition tables. with linux it's easier to adb bridge to your bootloader unlocked phone. and it is possible ti extract everything from your phone and build a raw backup once bootloader is unlocked. Although I am pretty darn sure all I need is bootloader unlocked to get it rooted so when I install Linux on Android I can fully run apps on the phone, preferably with debian so ARM packages can be used in deb jnstaller.... :) so I personally don't think aosp or twrp is necessary your probably better off with the phones android designed for it and installing Linus on a rooted system within Android I have 40+ gb available on my 64gb sprint version so I should be plenty of okay.