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help with wont work with carrier, (yes its unlocked)

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Senior Member
Nov 21, 2018
Oregon City
I need some help yall. My little sister just got the OnePlus 6T and its through T Mobile, she has MetroPCS. I know about unlocking and there's an app on the phone just for unlocking so I used it and it gave me a confirmation screen saying it was unlocked. But here's the issue. It still won't work and I get this notification after the phone boots up with the metro sim in it.

Edit I know i screwed up on the title haha, oops


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Feb 17, 2017
Just double-checking, did you already call MetroPCS about transferring her line to a new phone? (since I know they still whitelist one IMEI at a time for each line and require you to call in to change which IMEI your line is associated with, even though there's no technical reason for them to have that still.)

If you already did that, then have you tried if other SIMs from other carriers work in the phone?