Help! Xiaomi Mi A2 - restore working phone with dead screen


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Feb 15, 2019
Hey All
I would really need your help. I got a rooted Lineages OS 17.1 Xiaomi global Mi A2 which was working wonderfully for almost 2years now
Suddently the screen stopped working. LED backlight works fine but no image.
There was no damage to the screen. No software mods at that time. So most likeyl a hardware failure.
The phone still seems to work, because the long press Power button, starts up the flashlight and if i touch fingerprint scanner if get a vibration.
There is no way to unlock the phone or trust the PC for USB debugging since screen is dead
Now the phone is still in warranty till mid Febuary,
I tried to restore the phone using MiFlashTool, because i would like to remove my data and restore android one if possible.
I tried using Miflash 20181115 with a fastboot image (jasmine_global_images_V11.0.19.0.QDIMIXM_10.0) but i stays at the first line of the flash_all_lock script and does nothing.
Also tried XiaoMiTool V2 but it could not find my phone in Fastboot.
Does anybody have an idea or hint, how i can proceed?

Thanks DU3