Hidden Shopper - Should work on all devices

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Jan 22, 2012
Have you ever needed to do some shopping for someone who you has a habbit of trying to find out what you are getting them by checking your search history? Sure, you can delete your history, but what if you forget? This app was designed for just this purpose. It is a very simple app. Essentially it is just the mobile sites to some of the largest retailers, but there is no address bar to type web addresses in, you just click the link from the home page and it takes you to that site. This won't do anything your browser won't do, so please don't leave negative comments or bad ratings for that. The point of this is that there is no browser history created, so you never have to worry about someone finding out where you've been shopping. It does require internet access, and there is no offline mode, so if you have a limited data plan, be sure to use when you are on wifi primarily. If you find this useful, click the thanks button and share the app. If you have suggestions, leave them here, or send me a message. Thanks, and enjoy!

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