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Higher bitrates mod possible?

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New member
Mar 13, 2019
Hey folks,
due to the fact, that the Mate 20 Pro shoot 4K on a ridiculous low birate (40mbit), I`m asking myself if there is a a possible way to fix this with a camera mod. In the past, I`ve seen camera mods for LG G3, Note series etc.

I guess, the disappoiting video Quality would be much better, if you choose bitrates like 100mbit. Even small gadgets like DJI Osmo Pocket can shoot that and are also able to shoot 60 FPS. The Kirin 980 should be able to handle this, or am I wrong?

Sadly, I am no developer and could only ask. Is someone working on this already?


Senior Member
Mar 11, 2013
I haven't seen much discussion on the actual capabilities of the video, and we will probably not see much 3rd party stuff for the camera(s) on this phone. Usually phone manufacturers are more worried about limitations on data storage and maintaining that write-speed over time rather than high def bitrate. Who knows though, it looks like Huawei is still working on the camera features and nearly every firmware update has tweaked something related.


Senior Member
Dec 6, 2010
Bangalore, India..
you must know that in camera and GPS department, Huawei is all by itself: No Google API support.
So Huawei SD team have been building their own APIs and Huawei must admit that they can't beat Google in terms of software innovations. This is the very reason we don't have [email protected] yet.
Also we still don't have full-fledged dual GPS support yet: L5/E5a still doesn't support Multipath feature , and all 3rd party GPS apps are based on Google API, otherwise HM20P by now would have been a GPS beast.

That's why google App developments are rich, robust and is meticulously handled basee . Huawei will take years to match with Google Software potential.

Even if you manage to install stock android on M20P it will make no sense at all, unless it is Xiaomi which is still friendly to Google.

I am not for or against companies, but fact is fact: Don't expect magic from Huawei.

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    Use ultracorder from playstore 80 mb bitrate supported. Super smooth videos on 4k.