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HISuite Proxy ( Huawei Phones' Updater & Soft-Brick Fixer )

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Hi, and happy new year everyone. I am trying to roll back my Mate 30 Pro from to Everything seems fine on Hisuite but on the phone there will be an error that says 'Software install failed'. Any help?

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Tried firmwares from downgrade section?

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    Simply this application reverse engineers ( modifies ) HISuite, to be able to manipulate its Huawei servers' response data for installing official roms of Huawei, customarily.

    • Support for OTA ROMs
    • Support for FullOTA ROMs ( Consists of three packages, Base, CUST, Pre-Loaded )
    • Support for Roll back ROMs ( kind of full ROM )
    • Support for Developer ROMs
    • Support for System Recovery ROMS
    • HISuite Error Handler




    Setup Guide & Download

    Special thanks to my friend @nomone for beta testing and the idea of system recovery support.
    1.8 Is out


    Firms names now turn into "Unknown" in case left empty
    Better error handling of "authentication" request
    "Advanced" section firm status checker now show firm name too

    Firm not approved alert
    Firm not matching alert

    Set-up section:
    Checks if HISuite is installed
    Checks HISuite version
    Patches httpcomponent.dll if necessary
    Sets proxy settings for HISuite
    Cleans C:/Windows/Sytem32/Drivers/etc/hosts file if required
    Tests connection to HISuite proxy
    When you give it to repair it tells you that it is ready and then this error comes out the device does not support system recovery [emoji26]

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    This error appears when HiSuite doesn't find an entry of your model in HiSuiteConfig. As @IProfessor said try to add both ALP-L09 and CLT-L09 and retry several times, eventually restarting HiSuite

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    V1.5 is out


    Less confusing patching system
    Step by step copying system ( read further on github page )

    Next aim:
    1. Adding Troubleshooter.
    2. Making a video on how to use the app.
    Send me privately how to do it please

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    It's simple, follow this steps:
    1. Install latest version of HiSuite and don't run it
    2. Open HiSuite-Proxy as administrator and click on httpcomponent.dll, it will search for httpcomponent.dll located usually in C:/Program Files(x86)/HiSuite and let the tool patch it.
    3. Set HiSuite to use a proxy and use ip and port 7777 as HiSuite-Proxy says
    4. Find your BASE, CUST, and PRELOAD packages on FirmwareFinder, they are needed to perform a system recovery and then insert their links into their respective textboxes in HiSuite-Proxy;
    5. Open C:/Users/yourusername/AppData/Local/HiSuite/UpdateDogDev/HiSuiteConfig.xml and add an entry for your phone model if there isn't
    5. Then you can follow these steps https://github.com/ProfessorJTJ/HISuite-Proxy/wiki/System-Recovery-Rom-Instruction-(-Soft-Bricked-)

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