HISuite Proxy ( Huawei Phones' Updater & Soft-Brick Fixer )

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iulian anghel

Jan 29, 2014
I understand that in vain we have the points for the installation of emui 12, that we do not have an issue with which to install it.


Aug 13, 2018
What's the difference between the l29 c431 and l09 c431? There is a possibility to use the cust for l09 and install emui 12?
What's the difference between the l29 c431 and l09 c431? There is a possibility to use the cust for l09 and install emui 12?
L09 has only one simcard tray while L29 has two. you should not install other models firmwares, in best case scenario your phone will be uncertified and you will not receive any further ota updates.


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Oct 27, 2021
Hey, you'd be amazed to know that Huawei assigns two version names to each rom,
One it displays on hisuite / ota update page and other it does the installation process with

Back in the day, both of the names were the same but now emui 12 is being named as 102 just like harmony os, if we wanted to let it show 12 an update to both the website and hisuite proxy would be required ( because I made hisuite proxy relay on one name for both )

Which i think doesn't worth the hustle, does it? Lol

Hello IProfessor please, what do you recommend for a Huawei P30 Pro VOG-L04 and continue receiving OTA updates?

Huawei P30 Pro

Latin America


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Jun 27, 2017
I have P40 lite, model JNY-L21-C432, ran on EMUI 12 but I reverted to 10.1.0
399 through official hisuite. HiSuite Proxy seems to have been set up correctly, I managed to download 2 versions of EMUI :



Neither of these worked. Upon installation I'd get a generic "software install failed" followed by a dead link. Am I supposed to download CUST and/or PRELOAD as well? Any help would be appreciated

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Ken Scott

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Apr 4, 2022
I am using Huawei P9(VIE-AL10).When I update level b399,everything is ordinary.But when I update to B195,Hisuite error"Update Failed".How can I solve this problem and continued to update?


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hi Guys i need some help. some background on my situation.

  • I have a Huawei Mate 20 Pro. LYA-L29 (Middle Eastern Version)
  • Bootloader Locked.
  • Not Rooted.
  • USB Debugging Not Enabled.
  • And all of my data not backed up :,(

It was always full of data 127GB/128GB .. i used to either delete cache or delete some older files and make some space for the phone to keep running.

One day it suddenly restarted. it got me into a safe mode kinda thingy and restarted in Arabic language (i was using it in English).

I didn't care and restarted the phone thinking it will restart fine normally and i will delete some files.

Since then it started restarting in eRecovery Mode occasionally (never when i want it, only randomly )giving me the option to recover the phone by downloading the newer version of the ROM.

Also worth mentioning is that sometimes it even restarts normally but when i login using the passcode, and i can see my old wallpaper etc. it means the phone is not reset till now and i have the chance to backup my data. but after i enter the passcode, it gets stuck and restarts again..

1. my question is, i wanna know if their is any way i can backup my data. this is very important. i have read about backing up using ADB/FASTBOOT but my phone is not getting recognized in ADB mode also. i have HI Suite installed and every time my phone goes to FASTBOOTANDRESCUE MODE, HI SUITE OPENS UP itself means its recognized by my laptop. but not in ADB. Nothing shows in ADB DEVICES... what am i doing wrong.

2. Is it necessary to download the older hiSuite from the link given or i can have the latest version of HiSuite installed as well directly from Huawei ??

3. using the above method of HiProxy, i can force update my phone and maybe it will start up. i can then backup my data immediately and factory reset it. but will it update or do a new install on my phone and wipe all data ???????. Also the memory was full will it affect the update ?

4. most important thing right now is somehow to backup my data. not APPS DATA.. somehow i wanna backup my Gallery Images and Videos. thats it. rest all i dont care about.

i had taken the phone to Huawei but they couldn't fix it. Also the battery does not charge and shows me the red blinking light with the Red Bolt Icon ,, unless i can somehow occasionally boot into Erecovery and then it starts charging.

The screenshot is below. which version should i install on my phone.. some one guide me. plz
Please HELP and answer all my questions. @IProfessor
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Sep 28, 2010
So, what's up with the Trojan:Win32/Tilevn.A in this program?

And what's Backdoor:Win32/Bladabindi!ml?

I have no clue, but my Windows Defender didn't like this program...

Edit: And yes, I used the program after turning it off.. But why?


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All models, not just mate. It forces the upgrade you want

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hi. can you please let me know that did u loose the data or not ??

also my phone is in a bootloop and i will force update the same current version as of now. Should i use the normal method Guide V2 .. but i cannot see the System Update button in that. only system recovery

or should i use the SYSTEM ROM RECOVERY method.



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Nov 14, 2019
lütfen birisi bana yardım edebilir mi bende biry7 2018 ldn-l01 (c432)var sadece fastboot moduyken bu programda okuyabilir hisuite yazılımı uptadegev ve hisuiteconfig.xlm yetiştirilir

Topluluk Doğrulandı küçültme
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Jan 27, 2012
Pomóż mi zaktualizować Huawei P30 Pro z EMUI 10 do EMUI11 lub EMUI 12.
Wszystkie metody z Hisuite i HiProxy nie działają dla mnie.
Próbowałem też metody aktualizacji eRecowery i USB, niestety bezskutecznie. Huawei P30 Pro VOG-L29 (C431E23R2P5)


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Jan 27, 2012
Please help me update the Huawei P30 Pro from EMUI 10 to EMUI11 or EMUI 12.
All methods from Hisuite and HiProxy do not work for me.
I also tried the eRecowery and USB update methods, unfortunately to no avail. Huawei P30 Pro VOG-L29 (C431E23R2P5)


Sep 3, 2021
When trying to download hisuite proxy, I get an error from windows defender pointing that Win32:bladabindi malware is in the file. I didn't find any reference of security issues in the discussion forum. Is it safe?


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Oct 17, 2014
Hello i have an issue with proxy when i click to add rom it says that "These ROMs arent supported in the current version of HiSuite downgrade to older versions is required" i dont see any other version of Hisuite OVR so i dont know what to do, any help? if i add it manually it doesnt work on recovery i followed these guide https://github.com/ProfessorJTJ/HISuite-Proxy/issues/163 to try to fix a broken phone because it doesnt boot is stuck in recovery and when i try to update in EMUI it just goes to recobery after download and istalling, so i am trying to make it work with this proxy but it doesnt work. when i go to HiSuite and click on recovery and set the phone to fastboot it says "This device is not supported for system recovery"


Jun 26, 2018
dload method also failed.
Bootloader is locked, of course.
I'm not sure, that rollback firmware for this cust will appear sometime, because it is demo device.
EMUI 10 for this cust I also can not find...
What search parameter in FF should I search by? And what custom search is?

somehow one of 3 zip files was corrupted (just doubleclicked it and saw an error). so after retry I succeed in flashing it back to C891 through dload method.

So may be you know a proper way to change cust(if is is possible)?

And thanks again for your quick reply!
do you have the download link for dload file for c891 please


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Jun 14, 2022
I think this might be of help to someone here...

My mate 10 pro (BLA-L29) got soft bricked when i tried to force update of emui 10 on my build. The whole process was successful but i ended up getting stuck on "Your device has failed verification with some 3 options" error page and couldn't get past it. Even did the recovery update through eRecovery but still couldn't fix it.
I was searching through this thread when i saw a comment about removing the usb cable once system recovery is done through hisuite and the phone is about to restart. I don't really know if that did the magic because I'd already tried different versions of emui 10 packages for my build but still ended up on the error page after.

I've attached an image of the last package i tried flashing which worked for me though


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Mar 14, 2015
Xiaomi Mi 11
Mate 20 pro user here: problem bricked, would not accept charging and when plug in it goes to infinite boot loop only accessible is fastboot. It downloads the recovery but ones downloaded the firmware it will reboot to install but then the looping starts again.. so the question can it be unbricked using this tool..? So far I tried but it gives an error that I need to have the previous hisuite but tried that one as well but the setup was unsuccessful and it says I need to be on the latest (on the latest hisuite it was successful setup but the firmware finder cannot add the firmware and it needs the hisuite old version)..

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    Simply this application reverse engineers ( modifies ) HISuite, to be able to manipulate its Huawei servers' response data for installing official roms of Huawei, customarily.

    • Support for OTA ROMs
    • Support for FullOTA ROMs ( Consists of three packages, Base, CUST, Pre-Loaded )
    • Support for Roll back ROMs ( kind of full ROM )
    • Support for Developer ROMs
    • Support for System Recovery ROMS
    • HISuite Error Handler




    Setup Guide & Download

    Special thanks to my friend @nomone for beta testing and the idea of system recovery support.
    1.8 Is out


    Firms names now turn into "Unknown" in case left empty
    Better error handling of "authentication" request
    "Advanced" section firm status checker now show firm name too

    Firm not approved alert
    Firm not matching alert

    Set-up section:
    Checks if HISuite is installed
    Checks HISuite version
    Patches httpcomponent.dll if necessary
    Sets proxy settings for HISuite
    Cleans C:/Windows/Sytem32/Drivers/etc/hosts file if required
    Tests connection to HISuite proxy
    When you give it to repair it tells you that it is ready and then this error comes out the device does not support system recovery [emoji26]

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    This error appears when HiSuite doesn't find an entry of your model in HiSuiteConfig. As @IProfessor said try to add both ALP-L09 and CLT-L09 and retry several times, eventually restarting HiSuite

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    V1.5 is out


    Less confusing patching system
    Step by step copying system ( read further on github page )

    Next aim:
    1. Adding Troubleshooter.
    2. Making a video on how to use the app.
    Send me privately how to do it please

    Enviado desde mi RMX1931 mediante Tapatalk

    It's simple, follow this steps:
    1. Install latest version of HiSuite and don't run it
    2. Open HiSuite-Proxy as administrator and click on httpcomponent.dll, it will search for httpcomponent.dll located usually in C:/Program Files(x86)/HiSuite and let the tool patch it.
    3. Set HiSuite to use a proxy and use ip and port 7777 as HiSuite-Proxy says
    4. Find your BASE, CUST, and PRELOAD packages on FirmwareFinder, they are needed to perform a system recovery and then insert their links into their respective textboxes in HiSuite-Proxy;
    5. Open C:/Users/yourusername/AppData/Local/HiSuite/UpdateDogDev/HiSuiteConfig.xml and add an entry for your phone model if there isn't
    5. Then you can follow these steps https://github.com/ProfessorJTJ/HISuite-Proxy/wiki/System-Recovery-Rom-Instruction-(-Soft-Bricked-)

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