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HMS Core │ Safety Detect Makes High-level App Security Broadly Accessible

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Jack Wu Shenzhen

Senior Member
Feb 11, 2020
From ride-hailing, navigation and mobile travel
To gaming, streaming, and social media
Mobile apps have become indispensable in daily life
But increased convenience puts sensitive user data at risk
HMS Core Safety Detect offers unique protections
For comprehensive app security with little effort!

What Is Safety Detect?
Safety Detect is an open multi-dimensional security detection service offered by Huawei, that helps developers bolster app security capabilities, based on the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) on Huawei phones, without compromising user experience.

System Integrity Check (SysIntegrity)
SysIntegrity is capable of checking whether the user device is rooted, unlocked, or escalated for higher permissions, and uses this information to help you determine how and when to restrict your app's behavior to avoid potential leaking of sensitive user information or financial information.
A unique advantage of SysIntegrity is that it is based on the TEE OS, which is built into every Huawei phone (running EMUI 9.0 or later). The TEE OS comes with Huawei's in-house microkernel, which has achieved the prestigious CC EAL 5+ certification, and is the first solution of its kind to pass formal verification. Having integrated SysIntegrity, it can isolate apps for bolstered protection, and provide independent privacy security protection services. For example, services with high security requirements, such as the payment services, are provided with the appropriate level of protection in the TEE OS.

App Security Check (AppsCheck)
When your app has integrated AppsCheck, it can obtain a list of malicious apps on the user's device, which provides a strong basis for high-level risk analysis (for risky/virus-infected apps). Users are then warned of the presence of any risks on your app, or prompted to exit your app. According to the three largest global virus evaluation agencies, AppsCheck can detect malicious apps with a staggering accuracy rate of 99%.

Malicious URL Check (URLCheck)
With URLCheck, your app can determine whether a visited URL contains phishing or malware apps. The check strikes the optimal balance between performance and timeliness, and is capable of detecting a wide range of malicious URLs, such as phishing and Trojan-infested URLs. URLCheck is easy to integrate into your app, and provides trusted, operation-free security services, reducing the costs associated with developing secure browsing services.

Fake User Detection (UserDetect)
Fake user detection is critical for app operations, as the presence of fake operations such as game bots, activity bonus hunting, and malicious spamming, can give your app a bad reputation. UserDetect can identify spoofed devices, based on the device signature and identifier, and identity relevant environmental risks, such as roots, simulators, VMs, device change tools, and anonymous IP addresses. It can also recognize fake users based on screen touch and sensor behavior, as well as prevent batch registration, credential stuffing attacks, bonus hunting, and content crawlers. These safeguards provide your app's users with unmatched peace of mind.

Many popular apps have integrated Safety Detect, such as the app for the Sputnik media outlet in Russia, APUS, a popular browser in India and Southeast Asia, and 1998 Camera in Vietnam.

How Can I Integrate HUAWEI Safety Detect?
Each of the four functions in Safety Detect has a dedicated API that is easy to integrate. For guidance during the integration process, please refer to the HUAWEI Developers website, where you will find the integration guide and other resources for reference, or you can contact us through [email protected] for further technical assistance.
* HMS Core 4.0 courses produced by HUAWEI Developers are now available on Huawei official channels, including Video Center on HUAWEI Developers and HUAWEI Developer Forum.
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