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Holo Back Theme Sprint Note 4

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Dec 13, 2010
I hear ya. I've been doing the same myself. Its not like it used to be eh? Lol!

I'm still debating on jumping to lollipop lol! Got all my mods working the way I like em!

Not same at all. Xda seems to be no longer active. Not much going on here anymore. Making due with what I can. I'm on lollipop...still odexed. Just need a hacked hotspot and 3 minit battery mod and I'm good to go.
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    Standard Disclaimer: It's your phone.. If you brick your phone, or it becomes self aware and takes over the world, I am not responsible.

    Holo back theme for the Sprint Note 4. DeOdexed

    Works on NIE and NK2

    Just Added: Blue Stock Keyboard
    See Screenshots

    Version 3
    Removed quick toggles that do not work on Note 4
    Thanks to @tx_dbs_tx for a list of Note 4 toggles

    Version 2 Update
    Themed all quick toggles (except Smart Network. There is no resource for that)
    Optional, Enable all toggles.

    Themed Apps:
    SPlanner and SPlanner Widget

    Holo Blue
    Condensed dialer
    Native Call Recording
    Power toggle on Battery
    A lot of animations

    Youtube video

    MD5 sum: 94753d55aabc340e1d17a592ebb4b956

    Samsung Keyboard: Download
    MD5: 0152c3a47043aaa2b7c04086234466be

    Installation Instrustions:
    Always do a backup prior to flashing this, or anything else to your device
    1) Download zip and put on SD card.
    2) Reboot into Recovery
    3) Choose install, and pick Holo back zip
    4) let it flash, reboot and enjoy
    To enable all toggles, you must factory reset after flashing... Sorry
    Wish I could find a dark theme that would work with Lollipop on Sprint Note 4.

    Working on it.. Had to complete a KK project and am switched over now

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    @kevinoliva113, you have an MD5 sum for the theme? Can't seem to get a good download and the zip won't open... Shame, it looks like a killer theme :good:

    Just to be safe, I uploaded again with a new link. MD5 is under the download link. I am going to switch to Android File Host in the next day or so, so from now on that information will be available at download.

    Link is now on AFH
    Any chance on this theme working on Lollipop?

    No. I am working on a lollipop theme now. I am a way to odex lollipop comes out soon

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    Merry Christmas