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Honda Connect Android System

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Nov 13, 2021
short anwser: I don't think it's ready to be released.

long answer: the app mostly works but there are some features that are still not available due to Honda Connect customization. For example, microphone (so google assistant), steering wheel buttons, phone call... these don't work. What works quite well is the android auto protocol, so you can use the apps that need only touch screen and audio (maps, youtube music, spotify...).
The experience overall on what work is good but it will never be like the offical app (or other porting) because of the Honda connect android version (4.0.4 is veeeeery old). There is some lag from the input and the response on screen. On top of this there are still many bugs to fix.
Ideally all i'm after is the android auto side of things use waze as the app on cmdroid has decided to stop working. Lag and and the microphone I'm not to fussed about.
Nov 17, 2021
I have finaly good news!

First remember to all that i have a Honda Jazz 2017 with RC5 (?) with Android 4.04.

I have been trying to install Honda Permissions Apk from CM Droid web site without any sucess!

I never losed hope to install it once some other friends did it with success.

So, today i have sucess.
But with some problema to need help to give me some ideas!


After factory reset in android i found maybe what was my problem all over the years!

In secret menus that we must access it to make that sequence buttons i found near the VSP ERROR one option to Development Mode!Yeah😃

Im not talking in Android configurations app installations...play attention!

And the option it was OFF 😡

So i turned to ON.

After that...return...return...return...and i put directly in url the right url for CM Droid, because in default browser the access give me error all the time.

To access to internet directly i used a regular Vofafone HotSpot because the Honda Multimedia Panel have WIFI option as you know!

So...nothing cables !

And i did order to donwload the Honda permissions file Apk and for a miracle the file was instaled🤘!!!

After that all the world of CM Droid apk that i wanted maked to me a smile😁.

I downloaded the next apk's...one by one...to test...once th Honda Permitions Apk file was installed in front of my eyes! In my car 😃 :

Waze ( 2 versions to try them )

Before open any one apk i went to Honda permitions apk...opened...and in (+) on the right below made the necessary changes.

Now...one by one:

Netflix works perfectly and the sound is amazing ( lime all audio in this car as all the Jazx Fans know )
Subbtitles...image...ALL 👌

Spotify works really good in sound but the panel of application need more time to make it better...Next time i will see this!

Sygic...crashes all the time from the beggining 😡

Waze....And here are all the problems!

Both versions give me...all most the time...no map....no map...no map...other times it doesn't start...and rolling...rolling...rolling!

Sound of directions ( voices )...never!

And from all the time presents in up a red bar with a pop-up error of gps and satellite location truing to connect!

In waze start appears too
" downloading map 0% in red pop-up.

In conclusion i did it!

And now i must nedd some.help to
identify the Waze problems in both versions of the CM Droid.

Im happy...for this stage!

Any kind of comments?

Sorry my english🙄
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Nov 17, 2021
Any apk of CM Droid as i know will not work in RC8 !!!
Its because of that that all RC8 users have the tutorial and Pop-Up alert in CM Droid Main Page to need to Downgrade to RC6.

Am i wrong ?
Nov 17, 2021
Sygic and Youtube Apks...as i see now in process names list...both have an error in name of the processes.
So...that maybe change something.
I will try that changes next weekend and after came here to give you news.

Waze need more informations or support from you here.


Nov 6, 2021
You should upgrade to RC8 without factory reset then GPS works much better.
Hi, in what way does it make the GPS better? My GPS works ok. Sometimes the GPS freezes/looks for signal after a longer park or if I don't use the car for a while. Reeboting the "GPS location" in android fixes it. That's the only issue I'm having.

And where can I find the RC8 update file?

Thanks in advance! 😊
Nov 17, 2021
I only know where we can find the RC6 and RC6.1 update.
After that as i have knowledge we need to downgrade RC8 to RC6 and after RC6.1 Update to install any APP from CmDroid.
It was that lesson that i learned.

Remember that i am talking about Waze or even Sygic instalation and not GPS from Garmin that came from Honda factory in cars😏.


Jan 16, 2021
If you have previously installed Honda Premissions applications, you can install applications on RC8 version has improved GPS
Nov 17, 2021
So, in your case, you have the RC8 since you bought your car and you never had the RC6 ?
And you in this case installed the permissions from CmDroid, or we are talking about...Honda Hack?

Or in other way you have RC8 from updated from RC6 ?
So as Latinofreaks asked...i asked too..where we can found it ?
And in what stage the file permissions enter here?

Can you describe what car you have and stages of your success please?
Nov 17, 2021
As long as you don't factory reset after the RC8 update all permissions etc. will still work!
Ok.Another friend for this theme.Excellent.
And the RC8 Update that you are talking about came from?
RC6.1 Update to...RC8 ???
If yes, can tou explain in few words how you do that versus CMDroid downgrade needed?
Because if the users have RC8 not need to downgrade to RC6 like CMDroid explain in Pop-Up Web site and we only need to to reboot...so it better than working is much better than doing risk stages to down and upgrades!

But the question of where is RC8 to upgrade is the first level to begin?



Nov 6, 2021
As long as you don't factory reset after the RC8 update all permissions etc. will still work!
Hi again! When I update to RC8. Is it OK to update the software version to (the SH file on the matrix) . Or is it just the tegra build system update I have to use: The 2nd and 3rd file in the matrix. And, lastly do I have to put both file (2nd and 3rd) in the Same USB root. Or use one at the time.


Jan 16, 2021
In the beginning I had RC6 and then I installed Honda Premissions and then upgraded to RC8 and not factory reset. I have RC8 and can update apps. I had 3 flash drives for the update


Nov 6, 2021
In the beginning I had RC6 and then I installed Honda Premissions and then upgraded to RC8 and not factory reset. I have RC8 and can update apps. I had 3 flash drives for the update
OK, so If I understand you correctly. You used three different flashdrives each one containing one of the three update files. And you installed the update one at a time?

That is what I understand when I read the original instruction manual, the only thing that is not clear is if I need to use the 2nd and 3rd update file for the tegra build at the same time. Thanks in advance! 🙏

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    I would really like to test this out and (if possible) to help with the development, is the code available somewhere?

    Hi all
    Really interested to see how the Android auto aspect of things goes on this would be a phenomenal achievement!

    Hello @MaKi83
    how are you?
    I've been looking for a solution for a long time to make android auto work on honda civic headunit. The android version is 4.0.4. Would it be possible to share your app for testing?
    Thank you in advance.

    since many of you are requesting to test the app, on next days (weeks) I'll make it public posting here the apk. The current state of bugs is not much different from my previous message.
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    Hello Guys,

    Last time I showed you how to install custom application. Now it's time to move on.
    I present you complete solution. Not hardware, but software :)
    I created application which allow you to change process_controls.list and allowed_installations.list direct in your Honda head unit !!
    I note that it works and it has been tested a little in my Honda with android 4.0.4.

    I spent some time working on it, so give me some thanks if you use it.
    I don't expect any payments, but if you would like to send me some beers. I will sent you my paypal address by PM.

    I tested the application only a little. So it could have some bugs. Use it for your own risk.
    Do full backup (in two formats) before you start changing something, there is option for this. I haven't tested restore option yet. It should work, but I'm not guarantee this.
    I don't know what each flags and options in process control mean. I haven't tested this yet. Maybe someone would like to do some manual?

    1. I'm not responsible for any damage of your head unit. Use it for your own risk.
    2. Don't remove HondaAppCenter_A1.apk from allowed installations, because if something goes wrong you won't be able to install any new applications or new versions.
    3. Be careful with changing version number. If you increase it then updating Honda oryginal applications won't overwrite your changes in process controls.
    If you decrease it then reboot you head unit will overwrite your changes.
    4. Be careful with changing permissions flags in existing packages and applications.
    5. And last be careful when you driving.

    Hello guys,

    Firstly I would like to thanks all of you who support me by donations and sending beers ;) Special thanks to CMhonda group for their donation.

    Some of you asked me to implement new features to Honda Permissions app. It took me awhile but here it is. New version of Honda Permissions - v 1.1.0

    What's new:
    - Added search functionality in Allowed installations and Process Controls list
    - Added copy action in Process Controls list (now you can create new permission by copy settings from another)
    - Now you can save/restore backup files direct to/from usb device (you can choose any path you want)

    As always: I'm not responsible for any damage of your head unit. Use it for your own risk.

    Step By Step Tutorial

    Ok Here is a Step by Step Tutorial on how I have been able to install any application on my Honda Connect RC7 .

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible of any damage this could make to your device. Do it at your own risk. The only thing I know is that it worked fine on my RC7 unit… I hope this could help you to install application on your head unit.

    How to check your version :
    Go to the android parameter and click on About this device . You should find Build Number : 0F.095.01.1123. Ok You have the RC7


    What you need:
    A – Hardware:
    1/ USB OTG Cable - Female A to Micro A ( https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11604 )
    2/ USB A Male To A Male Cable ( https://www.amazon.com/DTOL-Feet-USB-Male-Cable/dp/B000BSJFFC )
    3/ Screwdriver philips ph00

    B – Software:
    1/ iRoot
    2/ Honda Permission from S_Mike

    Here is the files I used: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hl4egyh1x49y14r/AABd2cZYYzmh6Mt0MPQcE9Mea?dl=0

    Step One: Preparing your computer and the iRoot software.
    Before everything, I have installed the Intel Android Drivers (not sure it is important but …)

    A/install iRoot on your Windows computer
    B/Go to the install directory of iRoot ( in my case this is c:\Program File (x86)\iRoot\ )
    C/There you should find a directory ( in my case this is \ which contain kinguser.zip
    D1/ Easy Way : Replace it with the one I have included in my dropbox link.
    D2/ Hard Way : edit the kinguser.zip file and replace the kinguser.apk with the application that you want to inject. In this case we want to inject the Honda Permissions application from S_Mike. I have downloaded the one from cmdroid.com that’s why it is HondaAppCenter_A1.apk. Just rename it as kinguser.apk and replace it in the kinguser.zip

    Step Two: Connecting the device to your computer

    1 – Enable the Developer Option

    A/start the device
    B/Press and hold "MENU"+"Day/Night"(Brightness)+"POWER" button (in this order) for about five seconds until the display changes
    C/Select "Detail Information & Setting"


    D/Select “Functional Setup”


    E/Select “Developer Option Enable”


    F/Select “On” to enable the developer option menu.


    G/Push Return to come back to the Welcome screen

    2 – Enable the USB Debug mode in the developer option Menu

    A/Go to the Android settings.
    B/Select Developer Options


    C/Tick USB Debugging. ( I have also tick the Stay awake but I don’t think it would change anything…)


    3 – Connecting the device to the computer

    A/Flip the screen (push the eject button)
    B/Unscrew the 4 screws which hold the screen


    C/Get the screen slowly out (it could be tighten but mind the ribbon cable of the screen !)
    D/Hold the screen with one hand and use the other hand get the plastic cache ( just above the ribbon cable) out.




    E/Use something to support the screen.
    F/ Now that the screen is raised, you can access to the micro USB Type A port.


    G/Plug your cable in that port


    Step Three : Inject the Honda Permission application

    A/Start iRoot


    B/Plug the cable to your computer and you should see


    C/Wait until this


    D/Click on Root

    E/Wait ( The sound of your head unit might stop sometimes)


    F/Now you should have that screen and your unit should restart.


    G/After restart you should find the Honda Permission installed.

    Step Four : Installing any application

    A/Start Honda Permission
    B/You can Edit the HondaAppcenter_A1.apk (leave your finger on it until the pencil arrives on the top right side of the screen)
    C/replace the “Sig digest sha256” with PREINSTALL value
    This should activate the “HondaAppCenter_A1.apk” BackDoor.

    BUT in my case The Install button was still greyed out…

    Here is my solution:

    A/ Start Honda Permission
    B/Click on the + button in the Allowed Installations menu


    C/Create a new rule with :
    • APK Name : application.apk
    • Package name:
    • Sig digest sha256 : PREINSTALL


    D/Now you can install any application that you have renamed application.apk.
    Installing app on RC7

    Hi everyone,

    I have a European Honda Civic Tourer Executive (who cares ?) latest model with a Honda Connect RC7 (0F.095.01.1123).

    However (thanks to @sobvan) I have ordered a micro-USB-type-A cable and used a USB Male A to Male A cable to connect it to my computer.

    Like sobvan I was able to locate the "allowed_installations.list" file but I wasn’t able to get the root access to modify it.

    So I have tried some application to root it ( Kingoroot, SRSroot,…) without any luck…

    BUT the latest version of iRoot (iRoot_171024.zip) has been able to inject the Kinguser.apk. The app is working fine but isn’t able to root the unit (Anyway I’m not sure that I was looking for a rooted device).

    So I tried to modify iRoot software to inject HondaPermission.apk and it did the trick !

    Simply go to your “\Program File (x86)\iRoot\” directory.
    You should find a kinguser.zip file.
    Edit this file with winzip or winrar or whatever.
    Remove the kinguser.apk file.
    Rename your HondaPermission.apk to kinguser.apk and copy it in the kinguser.zip of the iRoot directory.
    Now launch iRoot with your device connected (in debug USB mode !).
    Your unit should reboot and then you should find the Honda Permission installed !

    Now launch Honda Permission and in “Allowed installation” modify the HondaAppcenter_A1.APK rule (leave your finger on it until the pencil arrives on the top right side of the screen) and replace the “Sig digest sha256” with PREINSTALL value.

    And that’s it now you can install applications on the F****ing RC7 version. (I have not tested on the RC8, but it should work)

    Big thanks to sobvan who found the port and the iRoot team for their great software.
    Some of you have posted in the past about wanting to mirror their phone to the HU.
    Up to now, no one seems to have achieved it very successfully, if at all.

    However, now there's a way. Using TeamViewer.

    Install THIS app on the phone (TeamViewer Host for Android)
    If you have a Samsung phone, there's a TeamViewer Host for Samsung HERE

    Then install THIS on the Honda HU, renaming the file, obviously, to HondaAppCenter_A1.apk to be able to install it.

    Run the Host on the phone and the Remote Control on the HU to connect to the phone. You need to be connected via WiFi Hotspot of course.
    Tilt phone Landscape. You can now see and control phone from HU screen, including running any apps on phone on the HU, even Google Maps.

    Working for me so far. Hope this helps anyone interested.