Question Honor 10 Lite CDMA Network Problem

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Mar 26, 2022
Hi Everyone,
I have Huawei Honor 10 Lite (Model : HRY-LX2)
I'm in Yemen.
It works directly on GSM networks but , It can't work on CDMA network
I need to force this device to work on CDMA ( Yemen Mobile Carrier 800MHZ ).
the mobile signal is full and the carrier name appears but It work (4G LTE data only ) by using 4G SIM card but give me SOS only when I use 3G Sim card.
I cannot make any call from CDMA 4G SIM card just use it's mobile data , I need to make it work on 3G signal I think the problem is in frequency Bands .
I notice on the HRY-LX2 isn't work on CDMA so I convert the phone firmware to HRY-AL00 which work on CDMA the pictures in attachments but I get the same result, also I use SetEdit.apk to show the hidden network mode but when I choose CDMA mode It return directly to GSM,WCDMA,LTE Auto .
I hope you will give me the solution.


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