HONOR 8X EMUI 9.0 Beta Recruitment

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Oct 3, 2016
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Sep 18, 2012
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Aug 25, 2014
The project would be available to all countries and models? I'm from Mexico and there in no project available to join at the moment. Thanks for the call!


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Nov 25, 2015
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Load of nonsense. Have you verified this with international users? I'm in England, downloaded, installed Beta APP, signed in and checked, all within one minute of seeing this news. Nope. Usual Huawei bullshit. That's why I'm taking this joke company's phone back to the store, and exchanging for a Moto G6.

Ironically, almost insultingly, Honor's slogan is "For the brave" ... well that's ONE way to look at it, Honor; to be more blunt about it, why not just change your slogan to "For the gullible schmucks who allow us to grab their money and run"?

"Honor", or a TOTAL ABSENCE OF, to be more accurate. They didn't even update my P8 Lite 2017 more than just one MINOR update, in a whole 14 months of ownership.

Vote with your feet and walk away.

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Is it possible to go back to oreo if it's too bugy?
Does someone know?

Hah, that's if you EVER get that far!?

They seem to have this utterly retarded "exclusivity" mindset, regarding their Beta update testing. The way they guard limit enrollment is SO ridiculous, you'd think that they were offering limited edition seats on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic inaugural flight to space ... or something ??

Huawei, WAKE UP, it's just a Beta test for your overrated, wannabe, chintzy phones. If YOU WANT to catch up with major Western brands or even get CLOSE to competing with the likes of Apple in reputation and showing your customers some HONOR (yes I know, ironic name isn't it), it's time you woke the #### up, drop the pretentious facade, and behaved like a sensible company.

By the way, "Honor", your TrustPilot rating is 1/10... verified by the two calls I made to you, to get my BRAND NEW tpu gel case, which YOU SUPPLY with my phone, replaced, as it went cloudy within TWO MONTHS. I called for the first time, to "test the water" so to speak, to see how you handled a call regarding a free accessory worth around $0.50 ... couldn't even handle that could you, lmao, palmed me off and told me to "buy another one from a different retailer"....
erm... Okay... you may have jusssssst missed the point. I'll never put my £££ in your coffers again. Silly Huawei.

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May 26, 2015
Did anyone here download and install the Rom with success?
My brother got it and asked me if it is safe to update, i told to wait for few days.
Its not only the user who are registering for beta will get, he never did but received one directly on OTA without beta app.

He is on global ROM btw


Dec 13, 2018
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I cant logging, after I press "AGREE" it says log in failed!

I had the same issue, fixed it by going to my Huawei ID in the Settings and enabling the Cloud service, or you can just enable some Huawei ID related stuffs, trial and error. Don't forget to clear data of the app after doing so.

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Project available in Malaysia.

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