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Ok for guys who are struggling here.

Simple answer Gms won't work on magic V.
Simple Reason, it uses Magic UI 6, in which the firmware is made in such a way that Google services won't work.

So wait untill there's some guide which is specifically targeted for Magic UI 6, or just give up for now.

I'm using a Honor Magic 3 pro, and I needed to downgrade it back to Magic Ui5, to use gms.

Any gms installed or carried over from before upgrade is immediately removed from the device by an automated reboot.
So give up your expectations.

And other than being cheaper that Huawei counterparts, honor feels like just **** to me now.

Camera quality is much lower (zoom is straight up ****) , software is much more tweaked for non gms. So if u have the money, just take a few more bucks and get a Huawei one. Atleast u'll get gms.
Well, that’s not entirely true. The Magic 4 Pro runs Magic UI 6 and has Google Services.


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Dec 8, 2005
Hello, does anybody managed to at least run google acconunts on the phone? I need it for google ads monitoring apps, without that phone is useless for me for work, and It's very nice hardware. I don't need play store.


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Apr 3, 2007
Los Angeles
I picked up a Magic V, love the hardware and have several non-google apps working. GSpace also works for some Google apps. Wonder if Honor will be allowed to enable GMS since they are no longer affiliated to Huawei. 🤞


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Sep 30, 2014
For me the problem with huawei/honor is not the installation of the apps. The problem is the synch with google servers and the push services... i think no one can have everething working great. Assistant wallet car etc never gonna works on these devices. Sorry guys... only for those that wants to give a try on huawei OS ... forget google

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    I dont take a lot of pictures honestly so that might be part of it. I like having the camera on the big screen and it is also good quality. I like the curve on the right side of the outside screen. The chinese software at least lets me switch default apps besides the launcher, I dont think the mate x2 let me do that but I might be wrong.. It seems like a more polished mate x2 in my opinion but the main camera is not something I considered...
    Fold 4 will have all that we need ! We might just wait :)
    Vivo foldable looks awesome too !
    I won't buy it if it's still look like a remote control...