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Honor View 20 New OTA on the way with March Patch

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Senior Member
Mar 4, 2014
Honor View 20 New OTA Rollout On the way with new March Security Patch and many build 139/140 with many more new changes related to camera improvements

1.Noise Reduction Super Night Mode
2.optmizes screen touch sensitivity
3.Google securtiy March Patch


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Apr 30, 2010
Just be patient. Got people saying that it should be around mid March for them to roll out to all regions and I got mine a day early. Mine didn't get the Feb patch too. Not sure if the Feb patch is included in the patch i received yesterday.
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Jun 12, 2013
My previous phone was a Huawei and there was a problem with the updater, a lot of people did not received updates for almost 6 months, so they released an updater update to fix it. I hope it's not the case this time ?


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Jul 14, 2014
Which is the right OTA file?

Hello I tried to update my Honor 20 View via the app. Unfortunately, then in the eRecovery it failed.
Do you know which file is the right one because several of the check was positive?


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    Does your Honor View 20 have a SD card slot?
    Because mine doesn't, all I have is a slot for 2 (nano) sim cards...


    I mentioned that i use the Icybox,of course you can also use a USB Stick with a type C adapter

    Icybox can see in Attachment.
    Perfect. Thank you very much. There is no way to update with this method simply with an OTA package, right?
    You'll have to wait and it may take atleast a month for ota.
    Yikes, doesnt sound too good. Hope you can salvage everything.

    Here's some apps you should use before you factory reset.

    Google photos - upload all your photos there. It's for free and is linked to you Google account.
    Google drive - upload all your files there. It's also free and linked to your Google account.
    Huawei Icloud - this is in the settings. Make sure you have contacts baled up to your huawei account.

    You can't use the firmware finder app as magic ui is not supported even if the updates and firmware pops up.

    So, I thought to update you guys on the situation:
    I managed to get GDrive magically working. It was very odd, as it didn't seem to work in list view, but within grid view could access my files. I got back to my home country (UK) and backed up all my files via 4G - as my Wi-Fi would refuse to connect/work, even on a saved network.
    I've now factory reset and fully updated and it works flawlessly. FYI: Even Honor couldn't solve it (I contacted their team + devs)
    I can't thank you guys enough - you saved my engagement pics and plenty of pics of my travels to Japan.
    If you've got a Paypal I can donate to, let me know. I'll send you a beer :)
    Hi could you list the steps using DL method, thanks :good:

    Download the Firmware und unpack it with Win Zip,Rar....
    Create a Folder on the SD Card Names "dload" without"".I use Icybox with a Sandisk Micro SD.I think it will work on internal Memory but I can not promise.You can use with an USB Stick with with type c on type A adapter.
    Copy the downloaded-unpacked Firmware in this dload Folder.(3 Files)
    Use the Dialer and Type *#*#2846579#*#*
    Choose 4:Software Upgrade Memory Card Upgrade

    The Phone reboot and make the Update you have to wait to 100% and the Phone reboot into System

    ---------- Post added at 01:24 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:19 PM ----------

    Hello, I managed to go from 125 to 138; it's the first time; USB key formatted in EXFAT. However, the phone is fully reinitialized, all data is lost.
    Be sure to make a backup before the update. Yours truly

    yes this is true sorry for this!
    I forgot to mention that.
    I was probably so baffled that it worked with every version.
    Mise à jour ota

    You are spot on! Seriously, compared to Samsung Huawei and its sub-brands provide Android Pie updates faster.

    Bonjour reçu aujourd'hui en France mise à jour 137 avec sécurité de mars sur c432?