Question Horrible battery optimization

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Zack Ruce

Jun 5, 2013
Guy I'm not mad I'm just sad that how horrible is the experience with this phone

Zack Ruce

Jun 5, 2013
Which country are you in ? And atleast you have volte, most don't even have that.
Go to Zentalk which is the Asus website and report your screenshots and issues on there
I'm in india the phone officially supports all the bands here yeah I'll do that report them so they can do nothing but apologize


Senior Member
Apr 28, 2019
Nice well at least you have volte. Many people don't. And definitely do report this battery issue on Zentalk. They should fix it with a update then. They don't check XDA forums so that's why it's best to write on Zentalk. If you encounter anymore issues do let us know here so we everyone can help eachother out. But also report issued on Zentalk so Asus take notice
Dec 27, 2012
ASUS ROG Phone 5
I had this consumption in the android system, I turned off a large part of the sensors, lifting, pocket mode, 2 touches on the screen to turn on / off and AOD, the battery can withstand 12h with the screen on in 24h or 7h with the screen on in +/- 48h
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