Hotword not working, DND mode auto triggering

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Feb 10, 2017
I've been posting regularly in Google Android Auto forums, but nothing has been happening. I thought maybe someone here would be of more help.
I use Android Auto (just updated again today, version 4.2.591444-release) on my OnePlus 5 (Android 9, OxygenOS Beta 30) with a Bluetooth FM Transmitter in my car. Same setup as I've had for a while (apart from updates to the OS or the app, of course.)

There are three issues here.
1. The hotword doesn't trigger anything to happen. Sometimes it does right after an uninstall/reinstall, but once and only once and only if it's not connected to my FM transmitter via Bluetooth. I have tried uninstall/reinstall, deleting and retraining my voice model, giving AA every permission it asks for. The hotwords trigger with no problem when it's not in AA mode.
2. AA auto triggers Do Not Disturb mode. This means it doesn't give any audible notification for phone calls/texts/hangouts/weather alerts/job notifications. Doesn't matter what the app is, it doesn't trigger. I only know I'm getting a call if I happen to look at my phone. I can go in and manually turn off DND mode, but I have to touch "turn off" twice every time for it to work.
3. It's set to autolaunch when it connects to my FM transmitter. It often doesn't. It pairs to my transmitter with no problem, but doesn't launch. The AA icon is in my notification shade, but when I pull it down, it's saying that it's launching with the little progress bar. I have to actually launch it myself.

All of these issues are new within the last few months. Before all of this, I'd jump in to take kids to school, my phone would autoconnect to my transmitter, and the kids would proceed to ask Google to play their favorite songs. Awesome. Sometimes I'd get a notification that a job was available (I'm a substitute teacher) and I could accept it. Now...none of this happens.

Any thoughts you all have? I've not seen threads here describing this issue, but in Google's forums, it seems to be happening both with head units and the app, no matter what kind of phone/auto combo it is.