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How Can I figure out what app or system process is playing a 1 min audio sound

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Senior Member
Feb 11, 2010
my rooted s10 stock android 9 OS randomly (every week or so) will play a 1 min long ringtone.

This ringtone file creates no notification or alert (I proved this by using several notification sniffers)

It's not saved as one of the ringtone or notification sounds on my phone.

It does not do any type of notification I have already tried notification sniffers and it does not do any type of notification at all.

I kill all apps, turn of the screen, nothing can stop it from playing the entire toon for about 1 minute

I have posted on several boards but cant figure it out.

I have heard of matlog but millions of things are firing and I can't figure out how that can help.

maybe if someone could help me with a procedure on what to do with matlog once I hear that ringtone sound start to play.

Like, first step, second step, third step.

thanks so much!


Senior Member
Jun 23, 2020
It may be a .wav file, a lot of phone ringtones are.
There can't be that many sound files in the phone for the system or apps.
If it happens in safe mode it's a system app doing it.
Play with it...