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How can I quit MIUI to copy my pics from my SD card

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Nov 16, 2016
Can any of you stop this process?
Actually, I tried SD card to set as internal storage, used the app you mentioned here -- can't remember it's name... some kind of Launcher, so it's possible that though it didn't work on my phone, but has made some changes to my phone are cannot make back to the original factory settings -- I guess this is why I can see what should be hidden system process... 🤭 I downloaded the ... Launcher from Google Play Store, so it is legal! 🤭

This is what I wrote to Xiaomi

Hi there,
I know I've had some issues up to now. It is one more.
Can you happen to tell me why it is allowed to use an SD card if MIUI Gallery stores all my personal data??? In this case all my saved pics??? Why??? In my point of view you aka MIUI are spying on me! Your File Manager makes it clear. I delete my pics from MIUI Gallery and soon after they are all back again in your folder and phone is keeping remind me that there's not enough free space!

Actually, I had to make a Factory Recovery again. Somehow I needed to recover some files including videos. I had to buy an app to can do this... but videos cannot be recovered only if the phone is rooted...
No, I don't use my MI account as it is like some kind of ransomware!!! My online store is full all the 5GB is in use. Actually, I acceded... How did I do that? Why did you save my date over the limit of 5GB? I was told to buy more storage to get my stored data back... What??? Delete all my data stored in my MI account! I don't care! How dare you threatening me not making my data accessable to me only in case I pay for more storage?!
I bought an SD card not logged in my MI account, but you still keep my new data???
This is insane!

I am waiting for your reply and explanation!


This pile of sh*t copies all my photos into these folders from my SD card. I want to stop it.